Thoughts on Lefties

A realization struck me earlier today as I was talking to a few friends, sharing stories of left-wing madness we’d encountered this past week. People on the left are, in essence, spoiled little brats who’ve never grown up. Just like ill-behaved children, they want to take anything that strikes their fancy, but they don’t want to pay for it. Mommy and daddy have to pay for it. They can’t understand that money has to be made, it doesn’t appear magically. Likewise, if someone else has something shiny, that’s not fair! It should be theirs!

As a side thought to this, I’ve noticed that whether it is online or in personal debates, people on the left can’t be civil. They constantly insult the intelligence of people they disagree with, again like a spoiled little child. “Waaaaah! You’re stupid! I want that toy! Waaaaah!” Even in the most civilized setting, lefties can’t help but spout insults. The same goes for their arguments in general. Few are grounded in fact, or logic. Rather, they are grounded in emotion. That’s why virtually any and every debate between someone on the right and someone on the left has the conservative on the defensive, parrying a multitude of more or less baseless insults. And with each new attack defused with logic, another attack is made.

My thoughts on the matter is that the only way is to be on the offensive right back. Ignore their attacks completely, and focus on making them back down and defend. The battle is won right there. Of course, one can’t do this in Sweden, since the fog of socialist dogma is so heavy here that any questioning of the rights of addicts, criminals, and leeches is met with derision at best, and outright hostility at worst. So it’s saved for safe, anonymous debates online. However, I’m getting more and more tired every day of nodding along. One of these days I’ll start speaking up. Heaven help me when I do.


~ by Escaping Perdition on July 22, 2009.

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