The Mexican Problem

I tried a little update of the blog’s sidebar this evening. I’m not sure how well it worked out, but everyone seems to think any change is good change these days.

The topic of the day is the American problem with illegal immigrants from Mexico. I write this as a contrast to the often hysterical tone of Swedish anti-immigrant debate. Naturally Sweden has serious problems to face as well, but compared to the American issues Sweden is still managing to stay afloat.

Illegal aliens, or “migrants” as the petty dictators of Latin America like to call their citizens, are flooding into the US. Naturally, these rulers are completely disinterested in halting the tide, as not only does it relieve a great deal of stress on their overpopulated nations, it also ensures a steady stream of income sent home. Now, there are two sides to this story, of course.

On the positive side of things economically, the illegal aliens are fairly often hard-working individuals with the initiative to cross the border and take a low-paying job for long hours. In this manner, they contribute to the American economy, and perform tasks that most Americans would balk at. They’re especially useful in for instance farming, in which demand for temporary, moving workers is fairly high.

On the negative side of economics, the illegal immigrants are an undeniable drain on American finances. The fact is that as low-earners, they would pay no federal taxes and next to no local taxes in any event, and as illegals that number quickly shrinks to zero. As the work they perform is also often worth little, or done out of sight of the IRS, the taxes from their employers is also often negligible. This needs to be contrasted with the simple fact that illegals do benefit from a number of entitlement programs in America. First off, they receive emergency health care regardless of if they can pay or not, and regardless of if they’re citizens or not. A large number of unhealthy illegal immigrants flood emergency rooms, as that is where treatment cannot be denied. It not only clogs up the system for tax-paying citizens, it also costs enormous sums that must be footed by the hospitals, the government, and possibly insurance companies. And as any rudimentary student of economics knows, money only enters the system once, in this case at the paying customer’s level.

As a second step, many of the jobs that are taken care of might otherwise be done by high school students or uneducated Americans. Mowing lawns, washing windows, cleaning cars, delivering food, packing bags at the grocery store: these are all jobs with next to no requirement except a willingness to work for low wages. By taking these jobs and moving them away from regular high schoolers or even families struggling to get off welfare, not only is a pampered generation growing even more slack, it denies most everyone the ability to earn money from an early age from their own hard work. Lack of work experience can never be a good thing, and compensating with daddy’s credit card will just turn a lazy bum into a lazy, obnoxious bum.

Secondly, another issue is culture. In Sweden, there are a few places in which Swedish is no longer applied with regularity. Biskopsgården in Göteborg springs to mind, with storefronts in Arabic. On the whole, however, items in our stores are marked in Swedish, with perhaps additional English descriptions for international, imported goods. When I was working in America, I was extremely surprised to find that even at popular, regular electronics stores the labels were in both English and Spanish. The reason for this is that individuals travelling into the depths of the United States from Mexico seem to refuse to learn English. It isn’t that hard. Frankly, more often than not I think the Mexicans are among the least loyal new citizens to America. Most legal immigrants to America, after all, are fanatically loyal to their new homeland. Mexicans, on the other hand, seem reluctant to leave their language, their culture, or their attitudes behind. And any attempt to do so is met by powerful lobby efforts from groups funded by external governments, often with the aim of promoting Latino culture in America, rather than teaching Latinos about American culture.

The illegal immigrants from Latin America, primarily Mexico, are a huge drain on the economy due to not paying taxes, yet benefitting from healthcare, schooling, law enforcement, and infrastructure, just to name a few. Their children born in the US serve as so-called anchor babies, granting a stay of deportation. Their sheer numbers and lack of assimilation creates drastic cultural clashes that make what we have in Europe with Islam seem tame in comparison, on many fronts. However, perhaps the most troubling issue is crime.

The combination of poverty, willingness to break the law to get “what they deserve”, and large families has created devastating gangs among latinos. For instance, just one gang, the Mara Salvatrucha, has 50,000 members active in organized crime such as drug-dealing, prostitution, extortion, theft, and robbery.  Joaquin Guzman is one of the wealthiest men in the world, primarily by moving drugs into the United States. His wedding to an 18-year old was so heavily guarded even the Mexican military didn’t dare act against him.

Clearly, illegal immigration has a small number of positives countered by a very large and very serious number of positives. To make it worse, the fear of profiling in America is making it harder and harder for legal, tax-paying immigrants to live their lives.

Sadly, next to nothing is being done. The biggest mistake the otherwise inspiring and wise Ronald Reagan made was the pardoning of countless illegals. This only increased the tide, and was nearly repeated again by Bush. Obama talks of “immigration reform”, but what he means by that is another pardon and more entitlement leeches. Arizona is going the other way, with tough laws that allow police to detain and deport illegals, as well as sue government agencies that fail to live up to their responsibilities.

This is not enough.

American cities are being lost one by one to gang violence. American prisons are filled to the brim with prisoners that cost, on average $25,000 per year. According to the U.S. Government Accountability Office, over a quarter of all prisoners are illegal immigrants. First generation hispanics push this figure up even higher. The cost in dollars is in the double-digit billions, and the cost in human suffering for the victims and their relatives is incalculable. Even deporting illegals does little, as they’ll simply cross over the border again. Rational choice theory states that the cost in time, money, and other scarce resources will be compared to the advantages gained, affected by the risk. The risk of being an illegal alien in America is negligible, the cost is primarily of time, and the advantages are work, no taxes, free healthcare, and government entitlements. In a sense, it would be highly irrational for a poor or ill Mexican NOT to sneak into the US. In fact, this activity is even encouraged by the Mexican government, with the leaders of Yucatan offering free school DVDs on how to illegally usurp entitlements in America, as well as how to cross the border.

As such, the only way to turn the tide is to make certain that it is no longer a rational choice to move to the United States illegally. Deny all healthcare and education opportunities to non-citizens. Deny the children of non-citizens automatic citizenship. Prosecute all companies and landowners with heavy fines for employing paperless workers. Fine the Mexican state the cost of all Mexican criminals in the United States. Make English the official language of the United States, and refuse government service in any other language. Private business may, of course, do as they wish. Finally, create low cost per capita prisons in isolated regions of the United States far removed from technology and luxury, where simple work can be performed that both teach trade skills and pay off the cost of the inmate.

Naturally, none of these solutions will be pushed through by the American government. Instead, easier ways will be found for illegals to become citizens, cheating those of us striving to become so legally. Entitlement spending will keep increasing, further burdening the already strained American economy. And finally, some sort of amnesty will be granted, resulting in another increase in the flow of illegal aliens. That’s my prediction. After all, even now there are so called “Sanctuary Cities” in the United States that willfully break the law and aid the settlement of illegal aliens. And American fear of racial profiling means that you can’t ask a Hispanic person for their ID without also asking everyone else. Sure it’s great to be colorblind, but eventually you’re just… well… blind!

Even worse, of course, is the fact that socialist thinking has left both left-wingers and illegal immigrants thinking they have magical rights to healthcare, government entitlements, subsidies, and welfare, citizen or not, taxpayer or not. Why else would you see illegals carrying signs saying “we have rights” when clearly, they have none. Activist judges weigh in as well, declaring that illegals have a right to rent apartments!

Suddenly the issues facing Sweden don’t seem that bad. Serious, of course, but nowhere near the cultural and economic cataclysm facing the United States in the year to come.

Scariest thing? Google is driving around not only photographing your house but also registering your wifi data, yet the American government can’t even slow illegal immigration.


~ by Escaping Perdition on April 26, 2010.

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