The World Today

Browsing through the news aggregates today, it is hard not to grow both angry and frustrated at everything that’s going on.

The most prolific serial killer in US history has FINALLY been convicted and sentenced to death, despite the protests of immoral socialists like Amnesty. What concerns me the most about this monster is that he was able to continue for so long despite having already been convicted of raping a young girl in the 1970’s. If the left hadn’t insisted on “reforming” criminals, hundreds of tortured, raped, and murdered victims would be alive and happy today.

David Cameron, that joke of a conservative, is now desperately quoting American presidents from the left. First Barack Obama, now John F. Kennedy. If he should quote anyone, he should quote his very own party’s Margaret Thatcher. And if that’s not acceptable, then he should stop calling himself conservative and be done with it.

In Sweden, we say that everyone is worth equally much. Everyone deserves an equal amount of aid and support, an equal amount of money and respect. I disagree. We are not equal at all. Fact is, you are what you do. And some people do very, very bad things, and don’t deserve a penny. Still want to give welfare money to everyone? Read this.

Some good news, at least. Belgium has banned the burka, and not a day too late. We can legalize it the day all Muslim men agree to wear it as well.


~ by Escaping Perdition on April 1, 2010.

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