Eye for an eye…

God of War 3 was recently released to glowing reviews. 13-year-olds across the world are buying it, playing it, and gleefully jumping in joy at how you can torture, mutilate, and murder everyone you see. Then they go out and rape a girl before stabbing her in the eyes. Fun for the whole family, right? This is what your nephew is enjoying right now:

Comments on Youtube include: “Kratos rips his legs off! Yeah, thats much better. Thank god for that”, “lmaooo @ .33 hahahaha look at how he glances at his legs!!” “I like how Kratos was looking at his boots thinking “Nice boots bro.. I’m gonna cut your legs off and rob it from you.””  “Who doesnt like blood and gore? Pussy.”  “wow…ironic death…haha..cool” “hermes the bitch of the god lol”. And so on. Idiotic, but what can you expect from people who think Che is cool?

Seriously, though, is it wrong for me to hope that someone breaks into the homes of these people (including those who actually made this sick game), beat them up, and then saw their legs off? I’d love to see them blubbering for mercy on Youtube. Oh, the irony!


~ by Escaping Perdition on March 27, 2010.

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