Free Speech is Dead

I will readily and proudly admit that Ann Coulter is one of my favorite authors. She is funny, quick-witted, intelligent, and irreverent. She calls the left-wingers out and isn’t afraid of them, constantly pushing the limits of their tolerance for the free speech they pretend to support but in fact only support when it is grounded on social-liberal principles.

In the United States, decades of social-liberal hegemony has been shattered by the rise of Fox News, the Washington Post, Andrew Breitbart, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh (of course), Ayn Rand, Ronald Reagan, and many, many more. Each one pushed against the establishment, and unlike earlier conservatives who bent over backwards to conform, they fought with wit, humor or pure anger. America is right now in the middle of a culture war thanks to them. I say this because a culture war is a GOOD thing. The opposite, as we’ve seen in Europe, is cultural walk-over, in which the socialists and social-liberals roll through the public discourse like German tanks. The culture war in America is the simple, inevitable result when conservatives and libertarians say “No, I don’t agree with you. This is what I believe.” Those simple words are intolerable to ‘tolerant’ liberals.

In Europe, however, the war is long lost. The same goes for Canada, and anywhere else with socialized medicine and liberals in charge. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, and even in my very About page since I started this log, in Sweden we silently conform to ten thousand lies, nod our heads in conformity, and bash everyone and anyone who sticks out. It is stiffling and intellectually torturous. And if I’ve ever needed proof of this, Ann Coulter delivers in spades. God bless her. She came over to spineless socialist Canada to hold a speech by invitation of some students. Chaos ensued!

The so-called student union (in general a bunch of worthless, lazy sociology students with radical views who do jack sh*t and can’t get jobs anywhere else, yet pretend to speak for all students, which of course is a filthy lie!) denounced her and denied the students the right to put up posters advertising her. The principal sent a letter informing her of what she could and could not say, as well as threatened her with hate speech legislation. So much for free speech! Now her appearance has been cancelled due to threats of violence.

Typical, isn’t it. Lefties love to speak of tolerance and the greater good, but they’re the filthy animals who are constantly setting cars on fire, spray-painting public buildings, and trashing a random city any time they don’t get what they want. And what they want, inevitably, can be summed up to A: getting someone else to shut up, or B: getting someone else’s money. And usually, the person they want to shut up is someone complaining specifically about their money being stolen by lazy, violent, half-human thugs. In my opinion, the speech should have been held, and any unlawful, violent demonstrators arrested by the police and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. They don’t have jobs anyway, so no one will miss them if they’re locked up for a few months.


~ by Escaping Perdition on March 24, 2010.

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