Islam’s Borders Become Bloodier

My most read post by far was written on the 9th of July this year, and despite having only 3 comments has had thousands of hits. In it, I commented on Harvard political science professor Samuel P. Huntington’s thesis that future lines of conflict are no longer between nation-states (WW1, partly WW2), or between ideologies (partly WW2, Cold War), but rather now between cultures. Now, it is extremely important to note that these conflicts need not be violent in nature. There are plenty of conflicts between China and the United States, for instance, though these are mostly confined to diplomatic and economic incidents. Huntington believes, fervently, in the need to enlighten people about where these lines of conflict will appear, in order to minimize the fallout. Unfortunately, even pointing them out is so politically incorrect that journalists and policy-makers prefer civilian casualties to debating culture shocks openly.

In my post regarding Islam’s bloody borders, I quoted Huntington. Islam’s borders are rife with violence, from the murder of Christians in Egypt, Sudan, and Nigeria, to the murder of Hindus in India, the fighting with Jews around Israel, to the slaughter of other sects of muslims in Iraq. From Algeria to Nigeria, from Kosovo to Western China, from Afghanistan to Somalia, Islam is covered in blood. The reason for my revisiting this topic is that dozens of journalists have been murdered by Islamist clan-members in the Philippines.  It is the single greatest massacre of journalists ever. To make the tale even more grim, there are reports that all the women were raped, and some had their eyes removed, feet cut off, and worse. Even their genitals were mutilated, though as we know from East Africa, this is fairly common in Islamic countries even against living women in your own family.

Despite all of this, the media is next to silent on the religious affiliation of the perpetrators in the predominantly Catholic nation. Read through all the articles you can about this, in Swedish or English, and you’ll find “Islam” or “Muslim” mentioned next to never. It is extremely important not to offend, after all, right? Yet this attitude of not wanting to cause offense is a tired excuse that doesn’t hold up to any sort of scrutiny. When has the media ever been afraid of causing offense to Christianity? During the gay Jesus debacle Ecce Homo? During the drenching of Jesus in urine? Yet no major Swedish newspaper has ever dared to point the finger of blame for terrorist death at Islam, let alone publish a few drawings. No, there are always other causes. And “blaming the victim” is always popular too. At least the American creator of the ridiculous new movie 2012 was honest! How? When asked why he allowed Christian cathedrals to be destroyed but not Muslim places of worship, he simply admitted he didn’t think a silly movie was worth getting killed over.

Getting killed over! Did you hear that? The so-called Religion of Peace has the very journalists and culture workers we need to protect our freedom terrified and wetting their pants. Very much like during World War 2 when only one single newspaper in Gothenburg was critical of the Nazi regime, people who are critical of political Islam are deemed paranoid or racist, and asked to be quiet. Then as now, it has to do with impotent fear.

Now, I’d like to clarify that I have plenty of friends from muslim countries. But do you know why their parents came to Sweden? To get away from the Islamic lunacy, to be able to live free lives, dress as they choose, start their own businesses, and party in the evenings.

By protecting political Islam, by hushing up the culture conflict instead of proudly defending Western values such as freedom of speech, freedom of religion, personal property, freedom of the press, gender equality and democracy, journalists are being “useful idiots” to Islamic extremists. In Sweden and other countries, people had to struggle for the right to vote, the right to be equal, the right to write and say what they want. We don’t dare hold Islamists to our own standards in democracy, women’s rights, freedom of speech. And in the name of political correctness, a generation of journalists are about to take away the right of other people to struggle for that by simply saying:

It’s their culture to do it that way. We shouldn’t judge.

And so more people die, and we don’t dare to say a single word or do a single thing in their defense. At best, they condemn the murders of journalists, but without saying why. It’s like condemning the Gulags without condemning the Soviet Union: empty words.


~ by Escaping Perdition on November 27, 2009.

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