Bill O’Reilly

I think I’m starting to hate Bill O’Reilly. With a vengeance.

I think the main reason for this is that I identify myself, proudly, as a conservative. I like media figures such as Hannity, Gutfeld and Coulter, I and love reading Rand, Buckley, Friedman, Hayeck. I don’t always agree, but for the most part they articulate what I think and feel. On the other hand, I just ignore people like Stewart, Garofalo, Chomsky, Klein, Huffington. They don’t really bother me, I simply tune them out. We base our values on completely different axioms, making them irrelevant to me.

In any event, O’Reilly has reactionary views on next to everything. He doesn’t call himself a conservative, but a populist. He’s rude to his guests, loud, obnoxious. He has a condescending attitude towards women. He has reactionary views on gays, populist views regarding foreign policy, moronic views regarding economical issues. Yet at the same time he is massively influential, and his views stem from roughly the same axiomatic foundations that my own do; the main difference between him and I are that we draw completely different conclusions in almost every situation.

As such, he’s firmly entrenched in the middle ground: He’s not someone I agree with except on rare occasions, but at the same time his views aren’t so alien as for me to simply filter them out. As such, he’s simply growing to be a more and more irritating presence during my news watching, as even though I avoid his show most of the time, he’s constantly referenced elsewhere.

So yeah, I think I’m starting to hate Bill O’Reilly.

For a sample of his rudeness and general lack of intellectual ability, watch this pointless clip regarding a former American Idol contestant.


~ by Escaping Perdition on October 21, 2009.

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