Thoughts Regarding Obama’s Lack of Success

I was referred to an article the Guardian by the Drudge Report, in which a social democrat of some sort or other ranted for ages about how Obama seems impotent because he is unable to drive through all of his plans. The writer complained that the reason for this was the American system, which forces you to get a 60% majority in the Senate to drive through certain important issues if you want to avoid certain delaying tactics.  Mr. Hill claims that this is bad and states several times the problem of this system not allowing for “majority rule”. It is implied the system is undemocratic and primitive.

However, Mr. Hill fails to understand two simple things. First off, this is EXACTLY what the Founding Fathers wanted when they made the system. A single leader, chosen because of dissatisfaction with the previous one, shouldn’t be able to simple drive through a massive agenda just because a tiny majority support him. Secondly, 60% is majority rule, and a whole lot more “democratic” than 50%.

In Sweden, we’ve seen the consequences of a system that doesn’t require a similar level of public support. In the Swedish model, anything the government proposes goes through unless a 51% majority opposes it. As such, the social democrats, who’ve had the support of barely half the population, have been allowed to mold the country as they wish, forcing the other 49% to bow their heads and accept each new radical proposal without so much as a chance to oppose it. They’re bled dry, all because they are 2% less.

So which system is really “democratic”?

Personally, I’d love to see the Swedish system become slower and harder to change, to avoid radical changes. A country should evolve naturally from the experiences and beliefs of its citizens, not artificially through the machinations of radical politicians.


~ by Escaping Perdition on September 23, 2009.

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