Obama the Socialist

Swedish newspapers love Barack Hussein Obama. I have yet to see a single article that criticizes him or his policies, but there are countless articles that idolize him and spread lies about his political opponents. In the view of the average Swedish journalist, Obama is a saint, and his every opponent a racist extremist.

The love for Obama makes sense, though. Swedish journalists are politically further towards the left than your average Swedish citizen. Considering how far most Swedes are towards social democracy in an international context, that means Swedish journalists are pretty much die-hard socialists compared to everyone else in the world. As such, Obama’s policies naturally make them giddy with joy. What used to be the bastion of capitalism, the shining “city on a hill” that welcomed the outcasts and weaklings of every country and allowed them the freedom to succeed or fail, is now turning into just another social democratic welfare state.

This isn’t paranoia or any bending of truth, either. It’s simple, well-known fact broadcasted in foreign media but kept obfuscated here in Sweden. Obama is in favor of granting everyone, and I do mean everyone, unlimited government-funded healthcare. He wants you to pay for your neighbors obesity, your other neighbors alcohol problems, and your third neighbors desire to change genders. Just like here in Sweden. With a socialist system comes many problems:

  • The total cost falls on everyone, meaning your neighbors health is your responsibility. The next step is leveraging taxes on “unhealthy” food, blaming the sick for being a burden on everyone else, and banning fun but unhealthy products.
  • Since the government has a budget to keep based on taxes and not fees, they’ll need to establish guidelines for how much can be spent and where and on whom. Long lines for necessary treatments will be created, people will be prioritized based on social status (just look at who gets flu vaccines in Sweden now!), and the cheapest treatments will always be used.
  • Wages for nurses, assistants, and doctors will be forced down by the government. The government will decide where doctors should work, and which areas receive which resources. You’re effectively enslaving the health community, removing free choice from them. Big Brother says “You work where I tell you to work for what wages I decide you deserve.”

He’s not stopping there, either. Facing criticism that this will allow the millions of illegal immigrants who contribute not a single cent in tax dollars but drain enormous amounts already for healthcare, schooling, and police work, Obama has gone out on record to say that no illegals should be covered by this (beyond what they already are). However, he amends this by claiming that the American immigration system is broken. It is, of course, because it limits well-educated Europeans citizenship in favor of un-educated third worlders to benefit “diversity”. Immigration is a great thing, but you want the best and the brightest, not those out to leech your welfare. Anyway, Obama’s solution to this “broken” system is to speed up and make easier citizenship for all the illegal aliens, in effect giving millions of virtually income-less individuals the right to vote (Democrat, of course), to have the world’s best healthcare, and to get free schooling for their dozens of kids. It’s economic suicide for the entire nation, of course, but it will give the democrats millions of new votes.

In many ways, Obama is initiating class warfare. He raises taxes on the rich while enormously expanding the benefits to the poor, none of whom pay a dime in federal taxes. There are fewer wealthy than poor, and so he secures the number of votes needed to continue socialization of the country. Of course, just like all socialists Obama fails to realize that by castrating the wealthy, he is killing off the engine of economic growth that fuels welfare for everyone.

For every dollar he steals from the productive to give to the undeserving, that’s one dollar less that can be invested in companies that produce jobs, research or products. Sure, you can give $500 billion to help diseased, aging Mexicans live three years longer on Social Security. But how does that make anything better for anyone else, or for the country? “But that’s cold-hearted!” you say, thinking it is “just” to steal from some to give to others. It isn’t. First of all, you have no right to anyone else’s property, so morally the socialists are thieves. Secondly, they’re plain out stupid. If you have a factory that produces 5000 products a year, how smart is it to dismantle the factory, and give each person a single bar of steel or cement floorboard? It’s the same with taxing the wealthy. If you steal 1 billion in tax dollars and give to every American, everyone will get 3 dollars. How big of a new company can you start with an investment of 3 dollars? Nothing. How much can a billion dollars do for a new company?

I’m just so tired of this. It seems as if there is no place left on Earth where the many don’t leech from the few, and where productivity isn’t met with greedy eyes from jealous socialists demanding their share.

Let me make it clear. What is mine is mine, and you don’t have a right to a single god-damn dime of it. Nothing of mine has “your share” as part of it, thieves.


~ by Escaping Perdition on September 18, 2009.

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