Sweden’s Rampant Anti-Semitism

Few Swedes know any Jews, let alone have any as friends, but every last Swede has an opinion about them. Overwhelmingly, that opinion is reminiscent of ancient Nazi propaganda, consisting of shadowy conspiracies and wicked manipulations of everything and everyone. Hell, at mixed student parties or at pubs, it usually doesn’t take long before secretive nods and phrasings result in little gatherings of Social Democrats, Nationalists, and Muslims, all spewing hatred over their common foe. Every Swede has seen it. And sickeningly, far too many have been a part of it. Even worse for these people, rumor has it that Jews are wealthy, and as any good Swedish socialist knows, wealth is the epitome of evil. Things have come to a head time and time again during these past few years, with art exhibits showing the evil of Jews with sailboats floating around in a pool of blood, to a newspaper article just the other day which claimed that Israeli soldiers murdered Palestinians to harvest organs. This created an uproar in Israel, but in Sweden the overwhelming reaction by bloggers and people on the street has been that Israel is just getting what it deserves, while even otherwise rational journalists claim that while the article was wrong, the Israeli people were wrong to object being bullied. Such sentiment is common in Sweden, however. We are the best country on Earth at always, always blaming the victim, something that is reflected in everything from our taxes which hurt those who succeed, to our legal system which spits on victims of crime while granting weekends off to go partying for the rapists and murderers.

Swedish socialist unions defend the anti-semitism. Not surprising.

Swedish socialist unions defend the anti-semitism. Not surprising.

That also brings us to the very core of why so many Swedes hate Jews and Israel: After World War 2, the Jews have refused to be victims anymore. They fight back, and they fight back hard. In the media, with intelligence agencies, and with force of arms. They’re the victims who refused to take it anymore. And that’s incredibly, incredibly provocative for Swedes, most of whom are either socialists or social-liberals (i.e. ideological siblings).

I think it’s because the concept of a victim with money doesn’t make sense to a Swedish person. Either you’re poor and a failure at life, and then we’re supposed to feel sorry for you even when you rape and murder, or you’ve built something with your own hard work and reason, in which case you’re a “lucky bastard” who should shut up and smile when the socialist mob comes and collects 58% income tax, 32% employer’s fees, 25%  sales tax, and all the rest of it so they can live well off of your sweat. After all, Swedes don’t think you can create wealth. You can only take it from others, right? So when Israel builds a successful, blooming democracy out of the desert, surrounded by barbaric dictatorships, the Swedish sentiment would be that they only got that way by “cheating” those less successful people, and are thus responsible for all the misery surrounding them. It never, ever occurs to the average Swede that perhaps Israel is wealthy because of hard work and reason, while the rest are poor because of their own stupid decisions.

Envy. Jealousy. And most of all the unending, burning hatred for the victims who refused to be victims, who stood up and succeeded after devastating loss. What can be more provocative to a nation dominated by Nazi-helping socialists than that?

You know.. for once, come next election, I wish productive Swedes would stop being victims, too. “Pay for your own damn apartment, get a job, and keep your hand out of my pocket unless you want to lose it. You’re not a victim, you’re a thief.” When do you think a sentiment like that will ever be published in a Swedish newspaper without five paragraphs afterwards condemning it?

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~ by Escaping Perdition on August 24, 2009.

30 Responses to “Sweden’s Rampant Anti-Semitism”

  1. Oops, did we step on someones toe?
    In anycase i don’t feel like changing the constitution because someone else don’t like our free press. Even more so when it comes from the very top.

    • I love freedom of speech. Two things strike me as odd, though.

      1. It is illegal in Sweden to publish the photos of convicted pedophiles and rapists, but it is legal to proclaim that some people murder to steal organs. Strange.

      2. It’s hard not to see this as just another step on the long, winding road of anti-Semitism in Swedish history. Raoul Wallenberg has been honored in Australia, Canada, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Yet in this lovely country, he’s more or less ignored, not even given a statue until 2001 after the UN started wondering why he hadn’t been honored. Odd.

      • I don’t know where you are getting this from. You seem to hint that you live in Sweden, but I would like to contradict your statement. Most Swedes do NOT have an opinion about jews, simply because we don’t know that many jews, and because the jews we do have in Sweden do not stand out from the rest. Most people do however have an opinion about Israel. Either generally supportive (right wing) or negative (left wing). But this opinion about Israel doesn’t have anything to do with jews, and thus nothing to do with anti-semitism.

        1. It is legal for a newspaper to publish such information. Ordinary people however, can not. And it must have a journalistic value.

      • The key words here are “ordinary people can’t” and must have “journalistic value”. Both are decided from up above, and are hardly democratic principles.

      • 1. Hmm.. .you may have a point, but still, it’s the law. There may be ground for defamation charges, but that doesn’t imply that the government should intervene.
        2. We have always been bad at acknowledging our heroes, especially those who operated abroad. Wallenberg is no exception. An expression of anti-semitism? Not even close. Anti-israeli? Yes, that it may be, but it VERY important to keep anti-semitism and anti-israeli (the state, not the people) apart. It is very dangerous to equate them, since in the long run that may bring them together.

      • 1. A newspaper can, in principle, publish whatever they want. You (or anyone) can sue them however. There are some ethical agreements though that you don’t publish certain things. So go ahead and sue Aftonbladet if you feel this is wrong.
        But as far as I know, this was published several years ago and not only in Sweden but in many other countries aswell, with no (or very little) buzz.
        2. You have a point here about Wallenberg, but remember that we used to have a socialdemocratic foreignminister with palestinian sympathies for many years.

        Another thing, I did not find anything about the muslim caricatures here. I find many similarities here. Why did *you* not have the same standpoint then. But, of course, that did not fit you purpose then, or….
        You say that you’re “surrounded by barbaric dictatorships” but “Israel builds a successful, blooming democracy out of the desert”. Well, to censor newspapers belongs more to the first category to me, but according to you that is “blooming democracy”…

  2. Incredible and scandalous information filled with errors. The writer of this blog-entry does not know much about Sweden or Swedish people in general. I’m not a Jew but I know people who are Jews as well as they know me who is a Christian. Their response to the recent days Israeli response is mostly embarrassment. I wonder what the Israeli government hopes to gain from this.

    • It’s odd that since I defend the Israeli response, I can’t be a blonde, blue-eyed Christian. I am. And yet more proof of rampant anti-Semitism and conformity.

  3. “Yet in this lovely country, he’s more or less ignored”.

    That’s pretty much bullcrap. The Raoul Wallenberg Parc in Malmö, the Raoul Wallenberg Square in Stockholm, the Raoul Wallenberg monument in Gothenburg.

    Too me this is just conspiracy theories just because we in Sweden has something called free press.

  4. It’s really not acceptable to accuse people of being anti-semite for criticizing israel or the israeli government. How hard can it be to understand that who you are and what you do are two different things?

    • Hate the sin but not the sinner? That’s what the Westboro Baptist Church says about gays.

  5. Have you ever lived in Sweden? I have never in my entire life experienced an occasion where people from all walks of life and political groups get together and bash the Jews. I know anti-Jewish sentiment is widespread among our muslim population, but no, racism towards Jews among ethnic Swedes is not bad compared with racism towards arabs or africans. Your article is slander of Swedish society, and it is demonizing Swedes just the way the article in Aftonbladet was demonizing IDF personnel, the difference being that the journalist was asking relevant questions considering the pictures and his own experience from the field.

    By the way, if you live in Stockholm, there is a place just near Berns which is honored to Raoul Wallenberg. Not a statue, but there is a monument. Also in Linköping where I am from, there is a monument and a place named after him, and it has been there for as long as I have lived there, so at least 25 years. Please check facts before you make any other claims.

    • I’m glad that you’ve avoided the worst of anti-Semitism where you live in Stockholm. During my years at the university, the student parties I went to were rife with it. It always started out as a critique of Israel, and moved on to a critique of Jews. A common path to follow, sadly. Perhaps it’s more common among the left than the right. Jinge and his blog are the perfect example.

  6. 1. No, it is not legal to single out a person and falsely accuse that person of something. However in this case no one has been singled out so there would be no plaintif in this case (organizations or governments don’t count. Jews, would if they would have been singled out but they where not in this case).

    2. And this fact could have nothing to do with the fact that the Wallenberg family is despised in many left wing circles in sweden for being rich?? Check your facts.

  7. Is there a law about freedom of press in Israel?
    Could the same thing happen in Israel, or could the government force the press to withdraw articles?

    • I have no idea. I’ve never been to Israel, and am not very interested in Middle Eastern politics. They have a lot more military activity than we do, though, so I suppose it’s possible they can censor the press (not that doing so is a good idea, but still!).

  8. lal cause we refuse to fight in the sandbox together with you guys israeli protest outside IKEA? I will laugh for days 😀

  9. Hey, just to correct some facts, in the last swedish election the right wing in swedish politics won. Which of course means, most swedish people today doesn’t symphatize with the left.

    Further more, most people in Sweden would never even have read that article in the first place, and whatever views it may represent those views are certainly in now way representative of Sweden as a state. That notion is ridiculous. We have freedom of press in Sweden, which is one of the cornerstones of democracy. Which I also believe you have in Israel. However, there are other laws in Sweden as well, that can overrun free speech etc. For instance, you can’t walk down a street screaming Heil Hitler, that’s against the law, becasue we in Sweden don’t tolerate that kind of racism and antisemitism. In USA for instance, neo-nazis can march down any street screaming whatever they want, because their freedom of speech is even greater. So if you want to critisize Sweden’s set of laws and democratic values, please critize all the other democracies in the western world also.

    For instance, did you know that there are probably more neo-nazis, actual followers and deep seated beleivers of Hitler in Russia than in the rest of the world? An estimated 100 000 I believe. There are even actual neo-nazis in Israel.
    personally I find that a lot more upsetting than a fairly unknown, small time journalist writing an article about alleged abuses by some Israeli soldiers. Now, I understand how jews may percieve what he was writing, and to be fair you have a point, but I strongly believe that critizising Israelis and the state of Israel does not equal antisemitism.

    A funny note is also how the “swedish socialist” system you talk about have spawned one of the most successfull private companies in the world- the multibillion dollar business called IKEA, that some israelis now are boycotting because one swedish news paper published a bad article? Come on…

    • Unfortunately, “Alliansen” looks to be losing the next election, unless they take help from the racists in Sverigedemokraterna. We’ll see how things turn out. One interesting thing I was taught at the university: if you look at all major Swedish companies today, they were started before the wave of socializations in the 1960’s. Ikea in 1943, H&M in 1947. In those days, Sweden had the same low taxes as Hong Kong does today.

      Other than that, great comment. The Russian situation is scary, and deteriorating quickly. When I did military service, the officer in charge always called the enemy “Ryssen.”

  10. Anti-semitism? I usually distinguish between a country and a religion. The article called for an inquiry into reports that certain Israeli armed forces had been collecting organs for sale on the black market. I can not myself make the connection to anti-semitism. I am negative to Israel as a whole, and yet I harbour no resentment towards Jews. I count quite a few of them as friends. Israel need to stop invoking special treatment at every turn. Right now they are about as extremist as Ahmedinejad (wow, his name should be in every spell-checker :), and utterly without distance to themselves. And I can’t help to think that Isrealis chose this government, a testament to their national sentiment as much as americans electing GWB.

  11. What a bunch of crap. Ribbentrop wouldn´t have done a better job spreading lies about a people. Swedes are not antisemitic (exceptions will unfourtenatly be found in the Muslim community). Neo-nazi parties or other right- (or for that matter left wing-) extremist organisations are very marginalized in Sweden compared to the rest of Europe. So either you´re a liar with a suspicious agenda or just very ignorant.

  12. You’re giving the jews the role of a victim far to eagerly. The criticism is aimed at the israeli officials and the israeli military, not the jews as a religion or a people. When will people learn the difference? If the military does something wrong, we’ll criticise the military, if the government does something wrong, we’ll criticise the government. It has nothing to do with jews or something like that. Some people have some freaking racial paranoia.

  13. And btw, the jews didn’t succeed after devastating loss. They were helped. By the allied forces. And the UN and the allied forces helped build Israel. The whole nation is based upon the care from others. And still today israel needs the support of the USA in order to stand strong. You pretend that Israel is some kind of self-created selfsufficient paradise but it’s not. Israel was given by others, not earned by the ones who live there.

  14. not to mention Folke Bernadotte who got murdered by the …

  15. Yes we might be socialists but at least we try not to steal organs from other human beings. Touché! 😉

  16. Swedes don’t hate Jews! Well, maybe a few extreme right wing a-holes do, or think that they do, but they are not representative. Many Swedes have strong opinions about the affairs of the state of Israel, though. But that is something COMPLETELY different.

  17. The article was bad journalism. Don’t blow the article out of it’s proportion. Leave it to the newspaper to ask for, not the country it’s situated in. Nor the country’s inhabitants. Really don’t get what your are trying to accomplish with your fictional claims: “at mixed student parties or at pubs, it usually doesn’t take long before secretive nods and phrasings result in little gatherings of Social Democrats, Nationalists, and Muslims, all spewing hatred over their common foe.” I,ve never heard any of that in those social situations in Sweden. “Usually….” zzzzzzzzz Bad retoric….So, please do the world a favour and rhetorically grow up and leave crap like this behind you. I wish Israel and it’s people all the best.

  18. Jeez what a crap. How about Israel leaving the occupied areas so we can get rid of all terrorist acts. After all, Israel has occupied the West Bank for more than 40 years and shows no sign of retreating. So, do they intend to annect the entire Samaria and Judeea and, if so, what will they do with the Palestinians. If ANY other country in the world had acted as Israel, it had been an uproar and intervention from UN. But, any criticism against Israel is, by definition, Anti-Semitic. What an insult to the 20% Arabs being Israeli citizens !

  19. I don’t get it. A newspapper writes something nasty, and everyone starts attacking the entire country? Attack the newspaper if you want, but leave it there. What’s the big deal? Religion has nothing to do with this, but you really seem to want it to. If anything, silly requests for apologies from the government (wow) would fuel any existing hate against Israel. Seriously, let’s keep this on a civilized level.

  20. 1. a convicted phedophile or rapist would get his ass handed to him sooner than he could say ‘child ass’ if people knew his name or face. sicko that he is, after a served sentence he is to be left alone as a free man and such can’t be ‘unmasked’ for his own safety.

    2 this is all about tension with former soviet union, basically we didn’t want to start a third world war by confronting a superior power in any way, least they take it as an aggression from west.

    this can’t really be all you have can it? the israeli people really needs their allies and this aint the best way to keep them. at all. but once again it’s the old “either you’re with us, or against us. you nazi bastard” and what do you mean “successful blooming democracy”? what happens when your friends decides that your more trouble than your worth and end their contributions? bloom as a fire-flower. you attack the hand that gives, and one day you will find yourself without a master in the cold dessert night while the hyenas draws near.

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