Sweden’s Take on Rape

An interview with a prosecutor contained the following gems:

”När man säger våldtäkt tänker man mest på riktiga ruggiga våldtäkter. Men tar man en man och en kvinna som känner varandra och kvinnan säger att hon inte har lust i dag, men mannen kör ändå. Visst är det oschysst, men kanske inte värt två års fängelse. Det liknar mer än ordningsförseelse.”


“When you say ‘rape’, most people thing of the really terrible rapes. But if you take a man and a woman who know one another, and the woman says she’s not in the mood today, but the man still has his way… Sure it isn’t nice, but maybe not worth two years in jail. It is more like disturbing the order.”

This has caused a few reactions in the media, but the underlying problem isn’t what one incompetent idiot of a district attorney thinks. Rather, it is the natural result of 50 years of socialist control over the criminal justice system. When even a “terrible rape” is only deemed worth 2 years by a prosecutor, there’s something horribly wrong with the entire system. Criminals are not the victims or good people who make mistakes. They’re the bad guys, and should be treated as such. End of story.

How about 25 years for a “real” rape, and 15 years for one of these more “friendly” ones you defend, eh, Mr. Hillegren? Sounds more fair to me.


~ by Escaping Perdition on August 17, 2009.

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