Liberal According to Who, Exactly?

Sweden’s version of the New York Times is Dagens Nyheter. It dominates the market for quality news, and has plenty of space devoted to both political and cultural debate. Privately owned, yet dependent on government aid to survive, it proclaims itself to be a liberal newspaper. One wonders, then, what exactly it is they mean by that term when they actively propagate for a socialist health care system like the one we have in Sweden.

Lack of funding for necessary staff and equipment, enormous lines to get any care at all, and no compensation when you get dangerous or improper treatment is the day-to-day reality of the Swedish health care system. Likewise, it is a system which forces doctors to obey public rules for where they can work, who they can treat, and how much they can charge for their care. It results in worse treatment for patients who can’t pick and choose between doctors, poor wages for health care workers, and an enslavement of our doctors.

This is what our so-called liberal newspaper is proposing America adopt as well. And when protests arise, the editorial draws dangerous parallels between mainstream Republican politicians and the nation’s largest cable news channel to extremists, racists, and terrorists.

If socialism with just enough of a (regulated) free market left to leech the blood out of is what they want, why doesn’t the newspaper just go out and admit their color? Why this pretense of being for liberty in the first place? Perhaps because economic regulation and the enslavement of health care workers to serve the collective doesn’t sound quite so appealing when it is shown for what it is.


~ by Escaping Perdition on August 17, 2009.

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