The Need For Empathy and Civil Society

During my latest stay in the hospital, when things were really bad and hovering between life and death, I spoke to a counselor. We hit it off really well, and talked about pretty much anything and everything. I haven’t needed anyone besides friends and family to talk to afterwards, but during the hospital stay it was a welcome aid to be able to vent some of the worst fears and frustrations.

In any event, we got to talking a little about society here in Sweden, and how the state has stepped in and sort of pushed civil society out of the way. She said that was a shame, because while professional help can be a great aid, it can’t really compare in the end. She also told me a rather interesting quote:

You can feel as bad as you want, as long as it is on a weekday between 8 and 4.

Sad but true. During the holidays or evenings when things are at their worst for lonely people, all they get is an answering machine. Whoever thought the welfare state could replace human compassion was sadly, sadly mistaken.


~ by Escaping Perdition on July 21, 2009.

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