Sweden Loves Criminals

Actually, that’s not correct. Most Swedes want tougher penalties for criminals. Sadly, our criminal justice system has long been under the sway of socialist criminologists (some of whom have advocated closing all prisons), left wing journalists, and loud-mouth activists on the fringe of the political spectrum who support criminal “rights”. As such, Sweden has the shortest penalties in the world, and spends the most money per inmate on offenders.

This attitude in the media and by ideological friends in academia leads to troubling, if not outright disgusting, campaigns every few months. First we had the barely Swedish murderess and robber Annica Deasy transferred here because she wants out, and she wants our welfare money. Then we had terrorist Mirsad Bektašević who is getting transferred here from Bosnia. I wonder if he will bring along any of the suicide bomb belts he had when the police caught him? Both cases applauded by the media. And now, we have the convicted paedophile, robber, and murderer Thomas Quick.

Quick, after having spent a lifetime molesting boys and using violence to take other’s possessions, has been convicted of countless murders. Now he has taken back his confessions, claims everything is a great big conspiracy, and wants to be set loose to prey on society once more. It wouldn’t have been more than a parenthesis in yet another deluded psychopaths ramblings except for one thing: a large number of left-wing lunatics believe him and give him front page story after front page story.

If he’d just been put to sleep like the animal he is when found guilty the first time, as is the morally correct solution, we wouldn’t have to worry about him getting loose again.



~ by Escaping Perdition on July 16, 2009.

One Response to “Sweden Loves Criminals”

  1. Vad har aset bellat samhället under sin levnadstid?

    Vänta, nu ropar grannen – “fallbila!”

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