Corrupt Health Insurance

Sweden’s public health insurance system is a fraud where the “Party Faithful” exploit everyone else. Socialism as per usual, right?

One of the few benefits of being chronically ill is getting to know people from different walks of life that you really have nothing in common with other than your illness, at least at first. From wealthy middle aged executives to desperately poor students, disease hits everyone regardless of social class. So much for left-wing class warfare rhetoric. Anyway, I heard an interesting tale the other day which I thought I should post here. Unsurprisingly, it only strengthens my political views, and my opinion that the Swedish welfare state is a corrupt scheme of redistribution and theft.

Anders, as we shall call the anonymous person, is a student and nearly done with his masters degree. As such, he has only had summer jobs or unpaid internships for the past 4 or so years, and before that he was in high school. He was diagnosed with a chronic disease six months ago, one which has him in and out of hospitals at random intervals. Like mine, but a more serious variant, so to speak. He took a pause in his studies, and his girlfriend paid for their rent, food, and other bills. He’s intent on finishing his classes this fall, but can’t work this summer. So he contacted Försäkringskassan, the Swedish government’s big bureau that takes care of unemployment pay, sick pay, and acts as “insurance” for the people. Saying he couldn’t work, he asked if he could get any compensation for being ill. This is where it all turns insane.

Anders was told that since he was a student with minimal income, his sick pay would be.. well.. suffice to say it was somewhere between 0 and “screw you”. He wasn’t registered as unemployed and seeking a job at the government unemployment agency (since he was ill and a student), and he wasn’t employed, so therefore he gets nothing. If he didn’t have his girlfriend to support him, he would have lost his apartment and gone heavily into debt. This despite earlier taxes he’s paid, and the promise of a universal welfare state.

So how does the system work? If you make between a certain minimum sum up to about 3,000 dollars a month, you get 80% of that from the government for as long as you’re ill and at home. This income is then taxed, as per any other income. This means that all students and to a certain degree most small business owners with tied up income are screwed if they get ill. So if you’re a student, you get no health insurance or unemployment insurance. And anyone earning more than 3,000 dollars a month loses everything above and beyond that, despite having to pay progressively higher taxes on every cent they earn. Likewise, anything you earn from private insurance policies or deals with your employer are subtracted before you get your government handout, discouraging personal initiative or corporate social responsibility.

So, who does this system benefit? Well, we already know it screws over most people with a college education working in the private sector. Coincidentally, these almost always vote for liberal or conservative parties rather than for the socialists. It also makes life difficult for students, small business owners, and everyone unwilling to drop their attempts at long-term success to register with the government unemployment agency which has the power to force you to take virtually any job it wants (and also prevents you from enrolling at universities). So much for completing that master’s degree, mr. 8-5 industrial waste cleaner.

The people the health insurance system DOES benefit are individuals working in low-income fields requiring only high school eduction, or welfare-oriented jobs in the public sector. Individuals working on the floor at warehouses, manufacturing plants and docks. Nurses, janitors, cleaning ladies. Daycare center staff, social services secretaries, and those officially registered as unemployed since high school and unwilling to study at the university, i.e. chronic welfare addicts.

All in all, the Social Democratic voter base.

It is hard to see our system as anything other than a corrupt redistribution scheme where anyone not affiliated with the party that has ruled us for 70 of the past 80 years is screwed while those who lend their votes are rewarded with other people’s money. I mean, if this were a genuine welfare system out to help people, then “Anders” would have received some help until he could get back on his feet this fall and continue his studies. And if it were a genuine insurance system, then you would get back a sum proportionate to what you paid.

Instead, we get this joke of a system that’s neither welfare nor insurance, but just an added perk for rewarding socialist thugs with your vote. Sickening.


~ by Escaping Perdition on July 13, 2009.

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