Biased Sotomayor Article

DN is Sweden’s most respected newspaper, but despite its reputation there is no way it can defend against the deluge of poor, politically biased freelance reporters that send material their way. As long as it looks good on the surface, there’s a chance it’ll get published in the breakneck pace of modern media.

The latest example of this is an article by Lennart Pehrson about the potential new Supreme Court Justice in the United States, Sonia Sotomayor. Mr. Pehrson claims that the reason why Republicans oppose her is the pressure from far right groups that partly want revenge for past failures, but also oppose her stands on the constitutional right to bear arms as well as abortion. Aside from being mostly wrong, Mr. Pehrson manages to portray the Republicans in the worst possible light. First, he makes them hostages of extremists. Secondly, he brings up two topics for resistance to Sotomayor that he knows the majority of Swedes will agree with her on. A clear majority of Swedes favor abortion and restrictive gun laws, according to the statistics. As such, the article’s portrayal of reality will naturally make any previously uninformed reader here in Sweden more positive towards Sotomayor’s confirmation, and more negative towards Republicans.

What Mr. Pehrson tellingly fails to mention, however, is that the big debate regarding Sotomayor has nothing to do with her liberal views in those questions. Rather, it has to do with her willingness to ignore written law and make her own moral judgements. For instance, she has had a tendency to sentence criminals to the lower ends of federal sentencing guidelines, and has even apologized to a criminal for not being able to give him a shorter sentence. Anyone involved in victim’s rights organizations or opposed to lenient treatment of criminals should be wary of Sotomayor. The same thing goes for her willingness to think outside the written laws. That’s dangerous as a federal judge, but as a judge of the Supreme Court, it could be lethal to the democratic process. What if her “morals” cause her to overturn democratic laws she disagrees with?

Pehrson should do a little bit more research, or at least have a bit more objectivity.


~ by Escaping Perdition on July 13, 2009.

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