A Godless World

In Sweden, Christianity has been pushed back so far as to necessitate discussions on if atheists and believers can come to terms just by redefining the “meaning” of God.

How’s this meaning for you?

  • God is the Creator of the Universe and all the physical laws that define it.
  • God is the one who loves you and forgives your sins even when no one else will, as long as you show honest regret.
  • God is the one who will take care of you after death, or will punish you if your actions have warranted it.
  • God is the one who comforts you when you need him the most, and the one who leaves you alone to make your own choices, for good or ill, when you don’t.
  • God is the one who has blessed you with the miracle of living yet another day, and given you the chance to make it better.

If we assume that I believe all of the above, and if we assume that you are an atheist, what redefinition could you possibly think up that makes the above okay for both of us? I’m thinking it can’t be done.

Anyway, I don’t have anything brilliant to say today, or a solution. I just thought it was a ridiculous argument that two such disparate groups can agree completely just by changing the meaning of words. Rather, they must learn to co-exist even if they completely disagree in a democratic state.

And finally, something that just strikes me as hilarious: How some people whine about religious songs played on American Idol or pop radio. Why is that more offensive to a secularist, than hearing songs about infidelity and drug use would be to a Christian?

So tell me. Does the below incident offend you deeply and horrendously?


~ by Escaping Perdition on July 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “A Godless World”

  1. “How some people whine about religious songs played on American Idol or pop radio.”

    Do people? I haven’t heard it. Granted, I don’t look for it, but still.

    The only complaints I really heard was when one of the Christian contestants sang John Lennon’s “Imagine” and removed all the non-religious lines. Which I think is disrespectful to the author of the music.

    But then, I don’t watch American Idol.

  2. I think that your lack of complaining about something trivial like that, as well as your decision not to watch American Idol, speaks of someone with a great deal of common sense. 🙂

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