Socialist Movie Critics

One thing that’s fascinated me the past couple of years is reading the movie reviews in major Swedish newspapers. DN, SvD, and Metro, mostly. I think it’s great fun hearing about a movie, reading up on what ideological messages or morals it brings to the table, and then guessing what grade it will get. I’m almost never wrong. Below is a little list:

The following will earn your movie points with Swedish movie critics:

  • Infidelity
  • Poverty
  • Dysfunctional families
  • Anti-capitalism
  • Environmentalism
  • Anti-American views
  • Presenting a positive view of criminals

The following will earn you negative points:

  • Pro-American views
  • Christianity
  • Presenting criminals as bad
  • Anything patriotic
  • Big budgets
  • Presenting a normal, functioning family

And the following will be ignored:

  • Director being a pedophile, like Woody Allen or Roman Polanski
  • Bad writing and directing as long as the message is “Socialist PC”

It’s pathetically obvious really. If you have two war movies with different takes on Iraq, they will be reviewed according to ideology.

For instance, movie one is about “The tragedy of war as the conflict turns young men into monsters” with a few rape scenes and executions, as well as rants on the evils of American foreign policy. This movie will win several awards, and get great reviews. The more it demonizes America, the better the review.

Movie two, on the other hand, is about “The rescue of captured prisoners from an Iraqi rape camp by heroic American troops” will be torn to shreds with snide comments and sarcasm in every review. It won’t matter if it has great production values, excellent acting, and explores the emotional depths of the characters. No, it has the wrong politics, so it will be mocked.

Isn’t it time that any centrist or right-wing newspaper fire these pathetic socialists from their payrolls? Why support views that aim to undermine your whole society? I simply can’t understand it.


~ by Escaping Perdition on July 11, 2009.

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