Islam has Bloody Borders

Harvard professor of political science Samuel P. Huntington writes in his controversial and world-renowned work the Clash of Civilizations:

Islam’s borders are bloody and so are its innards. The fundamental problem for the West is not Islamic fundamentalism. It is Islam, a different civilisation whose people are convinced of the superiority of their culture and are obsessed with the inferiority of their power.

As inflammatory as this sounds, he seems to have a point. If we look at the lines of conflict today, they are virtually all in locations where Islam meets other cultures. In the Balkans, in Sudan, in Israel, in Nigeria, in Thailand, in Egypt, in the Philippines, in Kashmir, in Chechnya, and a dozen other places, Islam is or has recently been at war with Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, and others.

The most recent example of Islam’s bloody borders are among the Islamic Uighur people in Western China that, upon hearing rumors of Han Chinese assaults on factory workers, headed to the streets and murdered a bit over a hundred ethnic Han Chinese, wounding many more. This resulted in massive numbers of security forces being called in, and a government crackdown no doubt only possible in a dictatorship. It’s an unfortunate situation for both parties, but the fact of the matter remains that this seems to be nothing more than another piece of a larger Islamic movement to seek conflict.

If one re-reads Huntington’s quote above, a few things are made clear. First, he states that these individuals are convinced that their culture is superior to secularism, Christianity, Buddhism, and all other cultures. Secondly, he states that they are thus obsessed with their culture’s lack of power and influence compared to other cultures. Israel crushed their neighbors in several wars, and no one can say that any Islamic countries are really an economic, military, or cultural force compared to Western Europe, the US, China, India, or Japan. This seems to create a sort of aggressive victim mentality, in which the physical aggressor considers themselves the moral victim. However, it is not the fault of successful nations if unsuccessful nations fail to get their acts together. That’s their own fault, and usually the result of oppression, violence, and corruption. So why defend them, journalists?

The global problem we have now, something that dwarfs climate change, is how to deal with this. Sadly we are still at the stage of the debate where the major media actors as well as our politicians are closing their eyes to the problem, rather than trying to find some sort of constructive solution that can resolve these differences before they turn even more violent. Instead, all too often, we buy the rhetoric and blame the victim, letting Islamic violence locally or globally go ahead unchecked. Just like a child that’s never taught right from wrong, the Islamic world is lashing out in anger instead of maturing with restraint.

We need to be firm in speaking out against any culture of violence and aggression, rather than offer sympathy to the aggressor, as the mainstream media in Sweden does. How can we be the world’s conscience if we can’t even tell right from wrong?

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~ by Escaping Perdition on July 9, 2009.

7 Responses to “Islam has Bloody Borders”

  1. Good point.

  2. Very eloquently put, you are NOT alone, by the way, excellent blog!

  3. True, but there are international standards and laws that Israel should abide by and clearly Israel and the West are NOT abiding by – no matter how weak their opponent is. This suggests the lack of morality that the West and Israel have.

  4. Except this situation as pointed out is simply not limited to Israel, which is only one of islam’s many bloody borders.

  5. just because you fail to understand the message (or culture) of islam doesn’t mean you can lay the blame at its doorsteps. the west is not exactly sacrosant what with all the rampant pollution, disregard for resource depletion and the nuclear race it has engendered. maybe the solution is islam itself which is why the west won’t own up to its own shortcomings. america has everything (mater-ially) but does it have the peace of islam. NO!!! so think before you blink my friend…

    • Pollution is no longer a problem, and the only reason it existed in the first place is because the Europe, the US, and Japan created industry, technology, chemicals, medicine, and everything else Islam could not.

      Secondly, Islam has no peace. Islamists murder and behead people who change religions, women who simply talk to men, and little girls who try and go to school. Islamists are at war with each other and with others in the Balkans, in Sudan, in Israel, in Nigeria, in Thailand, in Egypt, in the Philippines, in Kashmir, in Chechnya, and a dozen other places. Islam is or has recently been at war with Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, and even other Muslims.

      Get your facts straight.

  6. Many thanks.

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