Prostitution Needs to Remain Illegal

There is a constant struggle in Sweden, as well as most other nations it seems, as to the issue of the legalization or banning of prostitution. Sadly, it seems, we seem to be going in the direction of it being legalized. A diverse array of supporters clamor for it, from naively ignorant libertarians to obscure feminists orientations, to the silent mass of disgusting slobs sitting at home surfing anonymously for underage “meat” to buy.

Prostitution is, in many ways, the symptom of a cancer-like disease on our society. It is the final step for girls (and young men) who are the victim of broken homes, poor values, abuse, drugs, and a lack of loving role models. It has existed throughout time, just as evil has. This is why it is important to condemn prostitution, but not the prostitute; Why it is important to publicly display the names and faces of those who go to prostitutes, and why we must focus harder on family values.

To counter-act this disease, there are steps that can be taken.

* Legalizing gay marriage and adoption is a big step. Although not quite as statistically good as a heterosexual marriage, it is leaps and bounds better to grow up with two parents than one, regardless of gender, as it improves health, economy, and education, and reduces the risk of being involved in crime.

* Secondly, we need much, much tougher penalties against wife-beaters and child-beaters. One strike and you’re out. Looking at criminals as well as prostitutes, the home environment virtually always has a massive impact. Can we really afford to continue pampering those who savage their own family?

* Government and charitable support for families who are having difficulties with substance abuse and the like. Not an endless stream of cash, but serious programs that help people get back on their feet by offering support and opportunity, but in return for following the necessary steps to get their lives back in order. Generous, compassionate, but not naively stupid.

* Make adopting children from Sweden easier, and grant adopting parents stronger rights. Just because you give biological birth doesn’t mean you have unending, absolute rights regardless of your own actions.

In many ways, we are in the middle of a culture war. Compromising with pro-prostitution individuals can only lead to disaster. The same goes for compromise with those favoring soft stances on crime and drugs. Like throwing a rock into water, the ripples caused by each abandoned child echoes through society, with the result of more crime, more abuse, and more people lost to the darkness. It’s time someone took a stand to push it back.


~ by Escaping Perdition on April 21, 2009.

One Response to “Prostitution Needs to Remain Illegal”

  1. I must say I find your statement rather closed minded. Ofc it’s yours to make and you don’t have to evaluate every aspect of every problem. But;

    – you fail to see prostitution can be an active choice and something good for both parties.

    – why should YOU have the right to decide what another person want to do with her/his body? Both narcotics and prostitution is in question here.

    – it’s better those “pervs” try to pay for a service instead of trying to take it by force; wich I fear it would be a greater risk for if the right to your own body is denied by law (like it is today in Sweden).

    – You say; “It [prostitution] has existed throughout time, just as evil has.”. So has food, love and caring for one and another, this is a none saying statement.

    Althou, I must agree on the topic on harder punishments for violent criminals; one strike and we strike back so hard you can’t walk for weaks. You don’t want to know what happen if you strike twice …

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