Martin Gelin’s Socialist Propaganda

The supposedly conservative newspaper SvD has a blogger dedicated to commenting American politics. This individual, named Martin Gelin, is oddly enough about as foreign to American thought as they come, not to mention a proudly biased left-winger. In an article that reads more like a propaganda piece from Pravda than anything else, he mocks the tea parties that took place all across America to protest the trillions of dollars of unfunded spending that the Bush and Obama administrations pushed through.

With sneering condescension, the “journalist” makes certain to include goodies like how apparently only one in twenty who visited these events actually “had a job”. He makes careful note of how one didn’t know what “progressive taxation” actually meant. He paints everyone there as a racist, ignorant, unemployed extremist. It is a shoddy work of character assasination at its socialist best. Agitprop, as it was called in the Soviet Union.

However, the low standard of journalism and murky collectivist ideology isn’t what’s the most appalling about this piece. Rather, it is how similar events by the left wing are portrayed in a completely different light. Hundreds of thousands of Americans protested, yet no crimes were reported. No plundered stores, torched cars, assaults, shattered windows. Nothing. Whenever socialists or national socialists gather, they destroy everything in their path, leaving a wake of ruin. Yet when was the last time Martin Gelin wrote that these protesters on the left are racist, unemployed, aggressive trash? When did he insult their intelligence, their values, and their ideology?

As an additional logical collapse, Gelin proclaims this as possibly the last glow of an American conservatism about to die. When has such an utterence been said whenever the loony left is out protesting? What journalist proclaimed socialism on the verge of dying during the London protests?

No, this is poor, extreme-left journalism at its worst. Gelin should at best be reprimanded and asked to apologize, and if not willing to do that, be fired for incompetence. Sadly, the state of Swedish politics is such that bending over for violent socialists is seen as good form, but vomiting on law-abiding citizens opposed to increased government is grounds for journalistic excellence.


~ by Escaping Perdition on April 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “Martin Gelin’s Socialist Propaganda”

  1. you REALLY don’t like Martin Gelin, do you?
    that much is clear. it is worth pointing out that you have an equally biased view as can be seen in your next post ‘how to be a socialist’. if that is meant to be funny it is very good comedy. if it is not… i’d rather not comment.

    by the way. i am neither a socialist nor a ‘lefty’, simply someone who goes through life with an open mind.

    i will keep reading your blog.

  2. ::grins:: I suppose I was a little bit mean to poor Martin, I’ll grant you that. I think what really got to me were all his snarky comments where he more or less flagrantly insulted everyone on the newspapers homepage who disagreed with him.

    And good for you going through life with an open mind. More people should. I try to as well, but.. well.. we all have our limitations.

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