Teachers & Grocers

There is no profession with a monopoly on stupidity, it seems, and no profession lacking in inventive genius either.

First off are teachers, especially loony left teachers, who rabidly protest against the education minister’s proposal to allow bullies to be banned from school for a week or two per semester. It is a fairly harmless proposal. Detention, Saturday school, and extra homework would be far better alternatives.

Two of my favorite humor blogs to read are from teachers who put new meaning into the term “ignorant.” It’s literally hilarious reading their impotent anger and collectivist solutions. It’s no wonder our students are too busy beating each other up, sexting, or talking in their cellphones during class rather than learning something with these tools to guide them on. Here are the links to them. Hell-man (aptly named) and My Dad Read Kirkegaard. Perhaps if her father had read Rand, she’d be a better teacher.

On a positive note, a local grocer has decided to take food that would otherwise have been discarded, and with the help of a newly employed chef, turn it into healthy meals for students and workers at a fair price. Climate smart, economical, and outright brilliant. It’s a shame that teaching has become such a low status profession, but this is ample proof why.

The public sector thrives on creating more problems to get a bigger budget. The private sector thrives on creating solutions to make a better profit.


~ by Escaping Perdition on April 17, 2009.

One Response to “Teachers & Grocers”

  1. I don’t think education minister’s proposal is aimed at bullies first hand.
    It’s probably ment to make it easier expelling and punishing students with high fuctioning autism or ADHD.

    I’m no big fan of the social democrats either but the current government seem to believe that all kinds of disturbances are just a result of bad upbringing and that there’s nothing a good old public lashing can’t solve.

    There’s no understanding what so ever for those who are different.

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