Harsher Punishments Reduce Crime

There is a common myth spread purposefully by socialists and communists proclaiming that tougher penalties have no effect on crime. This is an outright lie, stated either out of ignorance or sheer malice. The truth is that three strikes, you’re out laws drastically reduce crime. Longer sentences for repeat offenders reduce crime as well. Tougher discipline in school increases student performance, reduces bullying, and creates a better structure for students trying to cope with all the difficult challenges and changes of adolescence. In many ways, the teenage years are the most difficult and most formative of all, and thus clear support structures and clear rules are vitally important.

At the same time, shorter sentences increases crime. Increasing welfare handouts, building public housing, and raising welfare dependency likewise drastically increases crime, as well as creating chronic unemployment. A frightening example of this is Sweden, suffering from record-breaking amounts of bullying in schools where a child can’t even be sentenced to extra homework or an hour’s detention after school. Likewise, reported crime has increased by 600% since the socialist reforms in the 1960’s. Deviants are allowed to scream, jump around, and chat loudly in their cell phones, right during class. The teacher isn’t allowed do to anything whatsoever.

Naturally, this system is grossly wrong. It rewards bad behavior and punishes those who follow the rules. Do your homework and behave, and you are ignored and given more assignments. Make a scene, pick fights, and scream, and you’re given special attention, special trips, and privileges.

This is, of course, perfectly in tune with the socialist world view. In socialism, causality is reversed to a monstrous mockery of real life. In reality and logic, you receive a positive value in return for your own contributions, and vice versa. In effect, you get what you deserve. In socialism, the exact opposite is the case. There, the more worthless, needy, and incompetent you are, the more you deserve, while those who work hard, struggle to succeed, and obey the rules are both mocked and enslaved.

Socialist propaganda will have you believe the path to paradise is to sacrifice your own happiness and effort for the benefit of those who contribute nothing and spit in your face. Don’t accept this. Give the socialists the finger and not a single penny of your money, and then make sure the delinquent bastards who terrorize our classrooms get the Saturday school, extra homework, and detentions they richly deserve, not another free trip to the zoo with the school counselor.


~ by Escaping Perdition on April 14, 2009.

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