Murderer Inbound, Sweden Cheers?

Oh my God. No. This is a nightmare come true.

After years of lobbying by spineless, criminal-loving politicians, corrupt ideologues, and hordes of “useful idiots“, Sweden is about to welcome home an evil, psychopath killer. With open arms!

Annika Östberg Deasy can barely speak Swedish. Deasy hasn’t been here for 40 years. Deasy has been involved in manslaughter, drug use, drug dealing, prostitution, robbery, and more. She admits it all. She was finally convicted of participating in two murders, where she distracted the victims so they could be butchered, reloaded guns, and so on.

Now, in Sweden, this monstrous, sadistic criminal would have been released after 6-7 years.  The fact that Deasy was actually given a tough penalty abroad has thousands of crazed left-wing loons crying and tearing out their henna-colored hair, and mounting endless campaigns to get her home. And now, sadly, they’ve succeeded.

We’re in the middle of a RECESSION, people. We have much more important things to spend money on (like jobs and education) than some filthy murderer and her welfare needs.

//Update// Another sickening aspect of this is that not a single Swedish newspaper is against this. Not one. So much for public debate.

//Update 2// The only honest words are those of the daughters of the victims. They tell Annika that she’s whining about only speaking to her mother every three months, while they can never speak to their fathers. And that she’s made a ton of money on interviews and her books. She should rot in jail for the rest of her life. I agree.


~ by Escaping Perdition on April 7, 2009.

10 Responses to “Murderer Inbound, Sweden Cheers?”

  1. Why do you think Sweden has a lower level of crime and murder per capita than US? Simply because our system is a more humane system…
    Violence and revenge creates more violence.

  2. But isn’t that just great for you though? Since you plan to emigrate I mean?
    I find it mysterious that you are SO hateful towards someone who has spent 28 years in prison for two murders commited by her psychopath boyfriend of the time. Yes, she was stupid to hang on to him, and yes she was stupid to do drugs, but that doesn’t mean she’s murdered, nor that she’s a psychopath. I for one will never convict one person for a crime another person commited.
    I feel a bit sad for you, you seem so very unhappy. I hope you find a place to live that suits you better, soon.

  3. Well, in sweden you cant be punished for what someone else did. She’s punished for what her boyfriend did. And she’s not likely to commit any mother crimes when she’s released. Peoples rights are always important.

  4. Sweden actually has a higher per capita level of crime than the US for rape, assault, robbery and theft, Kenneth. Thanks to our “humanity”?

    K, oh, I definitely plan to emigrate. These comments are just making it all the easier. 🙂

    In Sweden, you can barely be punished for anything, Daniel. And she helped her boyfriend by distracting the victims so they could be easily murdered, reloading the gun, etc. That’s on top of her earlier robberies, drug sales, and manslaughter.

    People’s rights are important, yes. And that includes the rights of the victims and their families. Justice. That’s something Sweden has forgotten about.

  5. 30 years is a long time, if you cant forget and forgive in the time it takes for a forest to grow from saplings to full grown trees I feel sorry for you.

  6. I completely agree. It’s insane to spend 100s of thousand on a chartered jet to bring home a killer. True, laws in Sweden are different. That’s why a teenage gang could kill with impunity. Not to talk about the cases were two criminals enter a house, kills the owner and then do the blame game and walk free.

  7. Adam, I’ll gladly forgive her when she takes full responsibility for her acts. Sadly, she seems intent on blaming her dead boyfriend / co-murderer.

    Likewise, just because she’s forgiven doesn’t mean we should fly her back here to Sweden. Let her stay in California.

  8. “Punished for what someone else did”? No, not at all! Mrs Deasy (not Österberg, that’s only in swedish media trying to make the public feel that they share a bond of national identity with a woman who left the country at the age of six and who hasn’t been to Sweden for well over 40 years) was convicted for accessory to murder in the first degree, which is exactly what she, to her own admittance, was guilty of.

  9. I feel so ashamed for being swedish right now.. Östberg should stay in prison forever, cop killers don’t belong in the streets.

  10. Sometimes you sound like someone who watched too many Cohen brothers movies and is trying to find his own identity based on that, in his own mind being almost an embodiment of a fictional character.

    At other times, you sound like a republican hard liner and american conservative and you come across more as someone projecting your own inner world and identity on another country and reversibly adopting what you view as that country’s ideals as a part of your own identity.

    Projecting things like that, and romanticizing actual real life places or people based on your own inner self isn’t necessarily negative or hurtful, I do it myself quite a lot, but I also came to the conclusion that no place on earth is really free or with the “right” values.
    To me, freedom is achieved from within. Maybe some societies, in some ways, are easier to live in but people in general live the same kind of brainwashed fake lives in America as we do here. I have american born blood relatives myself, white upper middle-class republicans, educated etc, the full package, and the world they live in definitely isn’t more welcoming to individual thinking than what’s the case in any other culture or society I’ve experienced.

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