Anitra Steen and Social Democracy in Action

It is next to impossible to find what education the CEO of Systembolaget has, and I’ve spent next to an hour looking. Systembolaget, for you foreigners, is the government-run monopoly that sells any mid to strong alcohol here in Sweden.

From what Wikipedia and Google can tell, Anitra started as a social assistant, and then through her party contacts in the Social Democrats was appointed to the Finance Department. Quite a leap. Soon she headed both the education department and then the finance department, then the ministry for university studies, and finally the national tax service. Odd that in a nation of nearly 10 million people there aren’t individuals better qualified for all those jobs.

In any event, Steen began an adulterous affair with Prime Minister Göran Persson, who gave her the job of CEO at Systembolaget. This has earned her a salary of several million crowns per year, plus bonuses. Soon after that, Persson divorced his wife and nearly immediately married Steen. Thanks to the contract negotiated with her husband, Steen can retire at age 60, with a guaranteed life-long pension of 100,000 SEK per month. She also received a 9% increase of her salary this year, in the middle of a recession.

What is the lesson of the day?

If you want to succeed in socialist Sweden, join a big political party, then flatter and sleep your way up the chain of command. No education or hard work required.


~ by Escaping Perdition on April 5, 2009.

2 Responses to “Anitra Steen and Social Democracy in Action”

  1. I wouldnt say that sleeping your way up the ladder is not hard work 😉 even more strange is the fact that she has escaped critizism about the fact that 100 employees have been convicted of bribery under her command.

    I think Anitras education is kindergarten teacher.

  2. Excellent points. I know I certainly prefer my current job over sleeping with Herr Persson, so I guess it might be really hard work after all. 😛

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