So Tired

I’m just growing so tired of all the loud, screeching left-wingers everywhere. So self-righteous, so angry, and so pathetically wrong. They bitch and whine about everything, everywhere, and push their agenda on every website, on every forum, in every newspaper. It’s as if our entire civilization is under assault by these leeches.

Even worse, far worse, is that the number of safe havens is steadily shrinking. Every outpost of capitalism is under unrelenting assault from within, as left-wing activists exploit the democratic process to subvert freedom into collectivist hell. It used to be that you could flee to America, but now that place is turning more and more into a second Europe.

It’s just… exhausting. And our own collapse is funded by our taxes, taken and used to pay lobby groups, activists, and “community organizers” in their crusade to chain capitalism.

How did it get this way? Who was dumb enough to start accepting it in the first place?


~ by Escaping Perdition on April 4, 2009.

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