Deal Harshly With Vandals and Looters!

It is clear that the welfare-leeching protesters doing their best to demolish downtown London cannot be reasoned with. They are rabid animals out for blood. As such, the authorities need to employ three steps to handle this issue:

1. Identify all protesters, then post their photos, names and addresses on-line, as well as their place of employment. It will allow future employers and neighbors to know what type of people they’re dealing with.

2. Revoke all welfare benefits from people out demolishing the city. Clearly they’re not out looking for jobs with masks and a bag of bricks, so why should the honest taxpayers finance their vandalism?

3. The police needs additional funding and resources to arrest as many of these individuals as possible, and put them in temporary prison camps until thorough and just trials can take place. Evidence should be gathered via cameras as far as possible, to remain unbiased. 3-5 years in prison should be a notable deterrent.

Of course, it is important to note that non-violent protesters should be left alone. Indeed, the cameras that catch the vandals in the act should also be used to watch for police brutality against those simply flexing their right to free speech. Sadly, those decent people seem to be in a minority these days.

On a personal note, I have several friends who work at the RBS. Friendly, decent people. A little bit on the nerdy side, computer gamers and role-players who grew up, got educated, and dressed up in fancy suits. They work 12+ hours a day, seven days a week, just trying to make it and do a good job. And now, they’re under assault from worthless, no-good anarchists who’ve contributed nothing but demand everything.

“It’s not our crisis”, they chant. Damn right, you don’t even want to work. But it’s my money that pays your welfare, and you seem fine taking that for granted. Selfish, violent bastards.


~ by Escaping Perdition on April 1, 2009.

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