Canada’s Fake Outrage

Conservative columnist Ann Coulter makes a claim in her latest book that lefties love nothing more than to find something to be outraged over, and to portray themselves as victims. They then use their victim status to drive home political agendas.

An example of this is the fake outrage over a comment on the COMEDY show RedEye on Fox News that airs at 3 in the morning, in which the host makes fun of Canada’s military deciding to take a one year vacation to rest up. Mind you, this is the same show that has specials on transexual prostitutes, interviews Uwe Boll, and has a special detailing Matthew McConaughey’s abs every week.

Now Canada’s government has demanded (and received) an official apology. The Interwebz is flooded by angry Canadians who take the opportunity to bash America, Americans, and Fox News. But lets be honest here, people. These are the same folks who insult America anyway, who hate Fox News regardless, and who thinks Americans are ignorant hicks no matter what. You can’t win with these people! I feel sorry for America, really. They have the wimpiest, most turn-coat friends in the world. If I ran the US, I’d give the rest of the world the finger and return to the isolationist policies of the 19th century.

What’s most amusing of all is that the people who are the most easily outraged, and who have the thinnest skin, are always always always lefties who claim to be “tolerant”. So dear Ann is right, as usual.

Anyway, watch the segment that’s caused the lefties to get their panties in a bunch here below. It’s just comedy. Don’t you agree?


~ by Escaping Perdition on March 26, 2009.

One Response to “Canada’s Fake Outrage”

  1. Fake Outrage??? come on now, alot of the tings that are said between countries is brushed off,but this from a show on fox news is just stupid! it isnt the first time from fox news on this type of bashing either,im a canadian and listen fox,cnn and other radio and tv news, …………..whatever theres no point this screw it!

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