Socialists Rewarding Socialists

Every time a new prize is set up to award any type of literary, charity, or humanitarian effort, it is only a matter of time until it is infiltrated by socialists who use it to further their own political agenda. I’m not sure why this is the case. Perhaps once one socialist has been invited aboard, they only invite more socialists to join them. A lot like PhD students at Swedish universities, really.

Anyway, the most famous example is the joke known as the Nobel Peace Prize, given year after year to some ignorant left-wing blowhard. The most blatant example in Sweden is the Ivar Lo-Johansson prize, which is awarded by the left-wing LO union to authors who work ideologically to further their goals, like Lo-Johansson did.

It seems as though in Sweden, we can’t have a single prominent author who doesn’t or hasn’t tried to shove their ideology down our throats. I guess that’s why I prefer foreign authors.

In any event, the latest example is Astrid Lindgren’s prize for children’s novels being awarded to a Palestinian reading group. Visiting their homepage, which was barely functional, there was precious little about either what books they read or how they educated people. On the other hand, they had a large number of stories and images straight out of a Hamas propaganda dream, all attacking Israel.

Come on, socialists. Can’t you at least pretend for a second to be objective?

Oh, and for added LOL-value… last year’s prize was given to a Venezuelan organization. Socialists rewarding socialists.


~ by Escaping Perdition on March 24, 2009.

4 Responses to “Socialists Rewarding Socialists”

  1. I am about as politically conservative as can be imagined. I am also human. I deplore the state of Israel as mnaifesting itself as a perpetrator of atrocities, lately also self confessed.
    And I think it is absolutely wonderful that Astrid Lindgren is assisting disadvantaged youths to read.


  2. Atrid Lindgren would turn over in her grave if she knew what happened to her legacy. Now millions go to Palestinian terror brainwashing. Even the front page of the receipents website is talking about the intifada and no program or reports are shown. Most likely its just a front for radical extermists, perhaps a school for suicide bombers, who knows. Swedes are easily fooled by smart parasites that live of them. They are soon overrun by hundreds of thousands of new false asylumimmigrants, the government already know most of them are no real refugees but they still permit them to move in. Its almost a hopeless case of naivitee.

  3. Sorry to burst your bubble.

    But why are only ‘socialists’ getting these prizes?
    Maybe because the liberals dont do anything for the good of mankind, but only to fill their own pockets? You dont get prizes for that.

  4. Pether, I’m afraid you’re dead wrong. If you look at the bigger donations to universities, charities, and medical research, you’ll find that behind each is a liberal or a conservative, not a socialist. Bill Gates, for instance, has donated billions to the poor.

    I suppose the difference is that socialists like to “do good” with other people’s money. Just take it from honest working people using taxes, then smile and hand it out pretending it came from your own pocket.

    SIDA in a nutshell.

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