Environmentalists Hate Humanity

Another fine example of the left-wing lunacy of the environmentalists comes today from UK PM Gordon Brown’s green advisor, who proclaims that the UK must slash its population in half to live sustainably. I.e instead of 60 million people, there needs to be 30 million people. No mention of how this is to occur is mentioned. Sickening.

The wacko also proclaims that people in third world hell-holes have a smaller impact on the environment, so it is okay if they breed. It just isn’t okay if we do. Of course, things like electricity, medicine, surgery, books, and space flight certainly aren’t natural occurrences, and none of them have come from third world nations, either.

So honestly, does the world benefit more from having a hundred million more starving Africans living in poverty, or from an increase in the population of countries that can provide excellent education that will create a future generation of scientists, engineers, and inventors?

It is abundantly clear that environmentalists hate humanity, science, and personal liberty. They see people as abstract blocks of numbers, like a disease on Mother Gaia. No wonder they can tell 30 million people to die with a straight face.


~ by Escaping Perdition on March 24, 2009.

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