Svensson: The Dumbest Voice in the Blogosphere?

The main reason that I want to leave this country so badly is because of the one-two knockout combination of self-certain arrogance and utter ignorance that infects roughly 55-60% of adults in this country. Aside from plaguing us with Social Democratic governments for 65 out of the past 75 years, it’s also created an atmosphere where the most uneducated prick can spout socialist propaganda as though it were fact, and be met with encouraging nods around the coffee table. Instead of someone standing up and saying, “Excuse me, you’re a fucking nutcase and ignorant to boot”, they’re seen as purveyors of common sense wisdom.

The most obvious example of this in the Swedish blogosphere comes from two sources. One is a communist named Jinge. He’s rather harmless because all he does is make fake names for himself to comment on his posts, which all revolve around how evil America is, and how that is the fault of the Jews. The sad thing is that this crazy crackpot is a raving Nazi, but he’s too dumb to get that himself. And yes, he does live on welfare.

Secondly we have Svensson, a person who uses the Twingly service to link his rabid rants to every newspaper article he can find. If there’s no newspaper article involved for him to whore publicity off of, he won’t write.  Anyway. He’s a member of the extremist Socialist Party, and has work experience that consists of factory work and some IT courses. Apparently this qualifies him to be an expert on topics ranging from how Americans are stupid for their gun laws, to how Americans are stupid for their economic policies, to how Americans are stupid for their history.

In short, Svensson thinks America is bad. And that Americans are stupid. Of course, even more amusing is that this intolerant little crypto-fascist is proudly a member of the “anti-racism movement”, while at the same time stereotyping 300 million people into one group which he can pour hatred upon.

Looking around his site, I realized that his family (the unfortunate bastards), also host a science fiction site. That too, of course, has socialist lunacy everywhere, but what would you expect from people who belong as freaks of the week in the X-Files. And, just to prove that these little wackos go full circle, the Svensson sci-fi blog has a link to……. you guessed it, Jinge!

Where we advocate economic freedom, these cretins advocate thievery.

Where we advocate freedom of speech and religion, these people want government control over anything “offensive”.

And where we advocate international cooperation with democracies, they spit on the democracies and cheer dictatorships.

Jinge and Svensson. Sweden in a nutty nutshell. God I want to move away from this cesspool.


~ by Escaping Perdition on March 17, 2009.

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