Blame the Criminal, Not the Weapon

It is typical among fans of Big Government to want to regulate every aspect of our lives. These people believe that if the government just had more power and more rules, the world would be safer, better, and more perfect. They’re wrong. There aren’t any simple solutions, and more government by itself usually just leads to more problems.

Take school shootings, for instance. Big Government advocates believe that more laws will stop these massacres, but their logic is flawed.

1. Raising the required age to license a firearm won’t do a thing. First off, guns can be acquired illegally. Secondly, the murderer may be older. In the Kauhajoki murders in Finland the killer was 22, so even a raised minimum age as was debated in the media would have been worthless.

2. Harsher gun laws won’t do a thing, either. The murderer in Winnenden, Germany, which already has some incredibly tough gun laws, stole them from his respected father. Great Britain doesn’t even have police officers with guns, but that didn’t stop one of the worst massacres ever to take place there.

By putting the blame on gun manufacturers or lack of political control over every aspect of a citizens life, we take away the responsibility of these awful acts from the very murderers who commit them. In fact, if we are going to question anything, perhaps we should question the policies of our government-run schools, which seem understaffed, underfunded, and a cesspool of bullying and social cliques.

Thankfully, there are intellectuals who question easy, populist solutions.  Sweden’s largest daily has an excellent article on this HERE.


~ by Escaping Perdition on March 15, 2009.

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