Jon Stewart is a Dick

I’ve got a confession to make. Once, when I was young and foolish, I actually thought Jon Stewart was a funny guy.

Sadly, it’s gotten more and more obvious that the man is not only full of himself, but has a distinct political agenda that gets in the way of any attempt at humor. He’s more interested in acting as an oily-haired attack dog for the liberal elite than to question anything even vaguely politically correct, making him predictable and boring.

Watching Jon Stewart is like watching a monkey on cocaine reading the New York Times. You might laugh at him, but certainly not with him.

He sits there in his studio making hint-hint, wink-wink jokes to his brain-dead audience about the evils of Bush, big corporations, and Christianity. Of course, he doesn’t have the balls to go after Islam or environmentalists, since they scare him. And anything that’s precious to the Democratic Party is off limits, too.

Stewart made his desire to bend over and spread for Obama all the more obvious the other night when he attacked fellow liberal Jim Cramer for questioning the Messiah’s economic policies. Stewart was literally outraged, almost violently aggressive, over the fact that someone didn’t march in goose steps behind the new leader of the party.

I really felt sorry for Cramer. He tried over and over again to reach a compromise, a middle ground. He has admitted that he loves the Daily Show. Stewart didn’t return the courtesy. Every opening or compromise Cramer offered was snatched up, and then met with more insults and accusations. Steward didn’t want to reach a middle ground, he wanted to humiliate his surprised opponent.

Cramer got destroyed because he expected a talk smoothing things over with a fellow liberal. Instead, he got tried and executed by a fanatic for failing to follow the party line. If Cramer had gone in there prepared for a commissar, he’d have had better luck.

But hey, at least Obama’s spokesman thought it was a good assault.


~ by Escaping Perdition on March 14, 2009.

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