Irrational Jealousy. Typical.

Socialist Sweden is oh so SHOCKED by the revelation that one of our biggest banks has increased the salaries of top executives since bonuses are no longer allowed. Everyone, from so called liberal newspapers to socialist bloggers and journalists, has competed in being more offended than the next person. How utterly predictable.

First off, the whole idea about it being unfair or unethical is complete bullshit. If they earn an extra 420,000 SEK a year after taxes and social “fees”, then the government has first cashed in 900,000 SEK. That is, two crowns to welfare leeches, public healthcare, new roads, schools and politicians for every crown they receive. And that’s before moms, energy tax, alcohol tax, property tax, gas tax, TV tax, and so on has claimed what’s left.

Honestly, the whole point of socialism is to scam and bully productive people out of as much money as possible. So shouldn’t the socialists be cheering now?


~ by Escaping Perdition on March 13, 2009.

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