Why Only Abortionists are Excommunicated

I’m not against excommunication in principle. I think it’s logical that individuals who sow mistrust and break important rules of the congregation be tossed out. It makes sense. A person proclaiming that Jesus is subordinate to Buddha clearly has no place in a Christian congregation, just like a person who proclaims that the government should nationalize corporations should be expelled from any non-socialist political party.

What does irritate me beyond measure are the insane values the Catholic Church applies in deciding who gets excommunicated and who is allowed to remain within the congregation. Apparently, performing an abortion is grounds for being excommunicated, but murder is not. Saving the life of your 9-year-old child by having her perform an abortion on a pregnancy her immature body could not handle is deemed worth excommunication, yet raping your own daughter is acceptable.

I am uncertain if these values are simply primitive and confused, or if they are outright evil. I’m leaning toward the latter.

Unfortunately, Sweden has the same twisted values in many cases. For instance, if you use a baseball bat to assault robbers, you will get a harsher penalty than the criminals. Why? Because it is worse to take the law into your own hands to exact justice, than it is to break the law in the first place.

This made me realize why the Vatican excommunicates these people: Because they challenge the Vatican’s moral dogma. A murderer will admit what he did was wrong, and is thus forgiven. However, a person who performs an abortion thinks they were in the right to act, and thus cannot be forgiven. It’s exactly the same in Sweden. If you break the law then you’re simply being wrong, but if you take matters into your own hands then you’re refusing to validate the moral supremacy of the state, and that will not stand.

State and Church, each defending their monopoly on judgement with tooth and claw.


~ by Escaping Perdition on March 9, 2009.

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