Israel Evil, Saudi Arabia Good?

One of the best, most moral statements I’ve read by a Swedish politician came the other day from People’s Party (Left Liberal) leader Jan Björklund. In Malmö, a few young tennis players from Israel have arrived to play their sport. They are met by hatred from not only rabid nazis, fanatic third world immigrants, and left wing extremists, but by mainstream politicians looking to score points with leftists, anti-semites, and muslims alike.

Björklund said:

Reepala has through hostile statements fired up both left wing groups and neo-nazis against six young Jewish tennis players. One can, of course, have different views on the situation in the Middle East, but they are not politicians and not military commanders. They are young athletes.

In the 2011 Team Handball World Cup, we will include Saudi Arabia, Algeria, and Kuba. Kuba is a communist dictatorship. In Saudi Arabia women are sentenced to being whipped for being with men before marriage.

Which of these countries will be accepted by Reepalu? Or is it just Israel that it is politically correct to insult?

He’s correct. Unfortunately, too many people are too stupid to see that. And unfortunately, I have to pay for their welfare.

I’m terrified of what these nazis, socialists, and muslims will do when they band together. Why? Because once they’re done with the jews, they’ll come after us normal Swedes in the middle class next.


~ by Escaping Perdition on March 7, 2009.

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