Lotta Lotass and the Self-Hating Bourgeoisie

The Swedish Academy has chosen a new member. As is befitting, the person in question is a socialist, and every single newspaper is ecstatic. So are the TV channels. Lotta Lotass is a Swedish author and doctor in Swedish literature. Her doctorate was a homage to syndicalist extremist Stig Dagerman, arguing that he stood for “freedom“.

Back in the day, Dagerman was fawned over by sycophants in the media and the culture establishment, just like they fawn over socialists and class-warfare fanatics today. This brings up the question: what’s with all this self-loathing?

These journalists are people who make good money doing what they love after years of struggle, but instead of stating that with pride, they get down on their knees for people who constantly insult their very existence.

And yes, I know it’s theoretically chic to support radical, rebellious new ideas, but let’s face it: In socialist Sweden, it hasn’t been rebellious to be a socialist for decades. Rather, socialism is the status quo, and saying that big corporations are evil and that everyone deserves tons of welfare money is what’s in the paper every morning. Hell, it’s our political system in a nutshell! If you support that, you’re not a rebel. You’re a suck-up conformist.

Anyway, what really, really disturbs me is that not a single major Swedish news outlet is critical of this nomination. Not one! Everyone cheers and waves their pom-poms. Journalism is castrated. Take any major news story of your choice and read it in 3 different newspapers, and each will have the same take on things. We might as well nationalize everything to SVT and be done with it.

I mean, hell, SVT already has government-approved authors list what’s important. After all, the average citizen is too stupid to be relied upon, so what sells the best obviously isn’t worth noting. All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others, eh?


~ by Escaping Perdition on March 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “Lotta Lotass and the Self-Hating Bourgeoisie”

  1. Yes, freedom – but from a first EXISTENTIALIST and then from a CHRISTIAN, not a socialist, viewpoint. Where have you found anything to support your belief that Lotass is a socialist? Confusing.

  2. Lotass adulates one of Sweden’s most outspoken extreme-left authors, Stig Dagerman, in her doctorate. She writes a book about the wonders of the Soviet space program. And if one follows her work in DN Kultur, a clear ideological picture emerges. For just one example, she generalizes and claims that a few fringe lunatics “live in the american culture of violence where weapons and retribution are taken for granted.” Odd, I didn’t meet any sadistic extremists during all my years there, yet here in Sweden we can’t even play a tennis match without police protection.

    Her most common theme is that government agencies attempt to tame the wilderness, but sadly fail, and all is misery and pain. Combine this with a fascination with “fattig-Sverige” of a hundred years ago (which was the result of hundreds of years of state control of the economy, church, and our private lives), and you have a modern day Harry Martinsson.

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