Your God-Given Right to Broadband Internet

According to an article today in SvD, all Swedes have a God-given right to 20kb/s Internet, enforced by our government. However, God is wrong according to the Swedish version of the FCC. Instead, all Swedes have a new, God-given right to 144kb/s Internet access.

In order to achieve this minimum standard of human decency, one billion tax crowns must be spent.

This is not enough, either. In fact, all EU citizens deserve this minimum standard. In fact, everyone on the planet does. As for the funding? Oh, no trouble at all. Just raise taxes a bit further. And then a bit further. And then a bit more.

I mean, after all, we need total government control if we’re going to be able to keep up with all these “rights” that God has now given us. Or was that the State? I have trouble telling them apart these days.


~ by Escaping Perdition on March 2, 2009.

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