One socialist, two socialists, three socialists

In an article by CNN, one thing has been made abundantly clear: There is no liberal, Anglo-Saxon conservative, or libertarian alternative in Europe. All our leaders are socialists.

Gordon Brown heads Great Britain and the socialist Labour Party. That he’d advocate a “Global New Deal” isn’t surprising. Socialists have always advocated larger government, more regulations, and a world government. Just like they hate competition between ideas or in the marketplace, they hate competition between nations. It’s been a long standing myth perpetuated by socialists that the reason the Soviet Union failed was because the rest of the world wasn’t socialized, so a New World Order would be perfect.

That actually brings up an interesting question: If socialism is so superior, how come left wing activists are always so desperate to convert capitalist states? If it doesn’t work, they should collapse on their own, right? No need for propaganda, lawsuits, and lobbying! Yet oddly, Zimbabwe, Burma, and Cuba are hellholes, while Hong Kong thrives.

Anyway, moving on from Brown. What is heartwrenching is that Angela Merkel from the German Christian Democratic Union is likewise openly supporting socialist policies, while in her entire term she has neither lesssend government regulations, cut taxes, or reduced the public sector. Then again, it’s no big surprise. Previous CDU leaders like Helmut Khol were infamous for plundering the wealthy to fund unrealistic, unfair social policies as well as corporate welfare for allies.

Even more depressing is that French president Nicolas Sarkozy, once thought to be a pro-American beacon of hope and sanity in the quagmire of European socialism and decades-long economic woes, is joining the choir.

There is not a single major European leader who proclaims that government is what got us in this mess, and dragging government back out of the financial system is what will clean it up.

In a way, this is what the socialists have been waiting for since the fall of the Berlin Wall. A momentary crisis for the free markets (notwithstanding that it was brought on by idiotic, big-government policies) has opened the floodgates for all the frightening reforms that the loony left has been waiting 20 years to push through.

I’m sure they’re laughing. I wonder how many will stop laughing when the economies continue down in a free fall, while Asia sails us by effortlessly.


~ by Escaping Perdition on February 23, 2009.

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