Guantanamo: Giving Socialists a Common Foe

Club Gitmo has served two purposes in the world. First, it has kept numerous bloodthirsty savages imprisoned and away from a chance to murder more innocents.

Secondly, it has provided socialist journalists, activists, and “intellectuals” with a new enemy to oppose. See, it is impossible for socialists to oppose anyone or anything that opposes America. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, right? So they can’t speak out against Iran, North Korea, or Al-Qaeda. They must support the lunacy of Chavez and Morales and Castro in Latin America. They find themselves supporting the hijab, stoning, and polygamy as values expressed by “different but equal” cultures, even as the victims trapped in those cultures cry out for our help.

But with Club Gitmo, journalists can finally vent their rage and be revolutionary chic. They stick up against “the Man” like true rebels, loudly proclaiming how mean it is to imprison a few hundred of the world’s worst murderers, of course knowing that they are safe and that no one will come for them in the middle of the night or detonate a bomb in their car. And hell, if you’re a young man looking to get paid well for venting your angst, get laid by easy socialist chicks, and get props by the media, all you need to do is be an American and insult your own country, and you’re golden.


~ by Escaping Perdition on February 22, 2009.

3 Responses to “Guantanamo: Giving Socialists a Common Foe”

  1. So you mean that it is impossible to oppose all crimes against humanity, no matter what side has committed them?

    Hardly. I just mean that socialists tend to
    A: Excuse crimes against humanity by non-Western states.
    B: Equate crimes that can’t be equated. As in the case of this journalist, comparing the internment of a few hundred murderers with the forced labor camps in Soviet Russia where some 14 million innocents suffered. It’s like saying “Oh, we’re all bad!” when comparing a shoplifter and a serial killer.

  2. I concur in large with your second conclusion. Your first opinion needs to be developed.
    From my point of view, one of the most important foundations of democracy is the rule of law. In this sense, all accused are innocent until proven guilty by a court. Now, some people in the US and abroad, protest against the fact that the prisoners in Gitmo are not treated according to US law and international conventions signed by the USA.

  3. Guantanamo must be seen as a result of muscles and no brain.
    I love USA some politicans excluded.

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