Czech President compares EU to Soviet Union

Refreshing, isn’t it? He makes a few good points, too.

And he was met by either loud boos, or people walking out. Swedish media has been deathly silent on the speech, even as they spend their time cheering the closure of Guantanamo and fervently hope that we will welcome the little psychopathic darlings here with open arms.

Reminds me of Greg Gutfeld’s latest comment on the Daily Gut, where he wisely remarks that “We live in a world where – unless it involves Hobbits or Nazis – it’s bad taste to openly say good and evil exists. There are just “cultures,” and while some do horrible things to women, gays and just about everyone else – the United States isn’t any better. I mean, sure the Taliban throws acid in school girls’ faces, but look what we did during Hurricane Katrina. It’s all the same in a world shellacked with relativism.”

Isn’t that true, though? The United States is held to an impossible standard that would mean instant suicide in any war, and when they break it, they are deemed equally bad to people who mutilate young girls for wanting to go to school, tie bomb belts to mentally handicapped women, or who literally tear out people’s eyes as a legal punishment for sinful behavior.

I think the real reason behind it is cowardice. The culture workers and journalists and so-called intellectuals of the left know that if they challenge terrorism they get murdered like liberal filmmaker Theo van Gogh or libertarian politician Pim Fortuyn. If they insult America, Christianity, capitalism, or call Bush worse than Hitler, then at worst they get an angry e-mail from a hard-working, law-abiding parent, and the adulation of their equally deluded journalistic peers.



~ by Escaping Perdition on February 20, 2009.

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