Argentina’s Rise and Fall

Going from one of the ten wealthiest nations in the world, with a capital famed as the new Paris, to a bankrupt shadow of its former glory, Argentina collapsed in a spiral of socialism, then fascism, then socialism again from which it is still reeling.

An American magazine I’d never heard of (a webzine?) called the American Conservative has a historical article overlooking the topic, and manages to draw a few startling (if provocative) parallels to what is happening with the bailout schemes in America today in the face of the economic recession. The author is a professor at Pennsylvania State University.

Linked HERE for future reference.

Real life has been so busy lately I haven’t had time to write anything constructive on my own. I am thinking about a longer post dealing with the Swedish jury system (we have political party members instead of actual citizens), or perhaps go completely off topic and discuss a few of my personal experiences while in America.

A frenchman or some such wrote a comment on my post about American-style speeches, reinforcing my own stereotypes about many of my fellow Europeans and their narrow, limited views, yet claimed he’d been over there himself for a year. I was over there for quite a bit longer, so that might explain it. Also, I wasn’t over as university student surrounded by left-wing activists praising Europe and decrying America, which, again, might have colored my perceptions. Still, his post does reinforce the reason for this blog. Being at all non-conformist in this country, or on this continent, will result in being told to shut up or leave.

And so, I’m smiling and shutting up in my “real” life, writing on this blog to vent, and soon enough, my dear Frenchman, I will indeed have left for the other side of the Atlantic. Just another mindnumbing year left. I wonder how long Europe will last when more and more of us with brains, education, and ambition bail ship and leave the looters to their looting. After all, what will be left to loot? The empty buildings?


~ by Escaping Perdition on February 19, 2009.

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