Obama Loves the Swedish Model

Poor, deluded man. And he seemed so bright and hopeful, too!

I just saw this on the Drudge Report. Screenshot below.

Obama Loves Sweden

The Swedish model is loudly advocated by socialists and social-liberals all over the world. One would think that with the Social Democrats having been in power 68 out of the past 77 years, we’d have defeated poverty and crime and created a socialist paradise, by now. How’s that fight going, randomly?

Last I heard we had 40,000 abortions and 100,000 births. Our population is declining, so we complement it by third world immigration. We have 212,000 single mothers raising 326,000 children. 22% of these mothers are on total welfare, and 27% of all those children live in poverty. Despite the world’s most generous welfare system we have roughly 20,000 homeless people. That’s as many homeless per capita as the US.

More than half a million people between 18-65 are declared “early retirees” due to, among other things, “depression”. That’s 10% of the work force. Another 7% are unemployed and trying to find a job. Another 5% are university students. Another 10% are “vicariously employed”, meaning they only have the job until the person who is away ill or with a baby returns, then they get fired. These are usually youths and people without higher degrees. Further, more than one in every three women with a real job only gets part time employment.

We haven’t had a single new large corporation the last 40 years. The last big ones were SAAB, IKEA and H&M, all founded around the 1940’s. In fact, the Swedish welfare state runs at a loss every year despite 25% sales tax, a 32% employer’s fee, massive income tax, energy tax, liquor tax, gas tax, and so on. We only survive thanks to the government leeching on the export successes of these gigantic companies, though due to outsourcing they’re disappearing one by one, and no new companies take their places.

We have government run pharmacies, hospitals, and liquor stores. Despite this roughly one in every ten adults is a chronic alcoholic, and 90% of the population drinks. It takes months to schedule a common operation due to waiting times at underfunded hospitals, and the medical costs for just pills runs at 3000 dollars per Swede per year.

Is this really what Obama wants for the US?

But more importantly: After 70 years of socialism, isn’t anyone going to be held accountable for the fact that we still have poverty and human misery despite endless sacrifices and endless taxes?


~ by Escaping Perdition on February 18, 2009.

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