Thoughts on rape & misogyny

A news article on the Drudge Report caught my eye a few minutes ago. has decided to ban the sale of a PC game called Rapelay, in which the player is supposed to rape and assault women, then force them to have abortions. It was, of course, made by the culturally insane Japanese. Further links from that article detail the use of rape as a political weapon in the savage hellhole known as Kenya, and the attacks by Talibans against schoolgirls where they employ acid to scar, burn, and blind.

It has long occurred to me that to a broad alliance of creeds, dogmas, and ideologies, women are worth little if anything at all unless they submit and shut up. It’s difficult to categorize all of these ideological groupings, as they span the spectrum from Islam to Buddhism, from nazism to socialism. Perhaps “collectivists” is a fitting term. Each such dogma believes the collective is worth more than the individual. Each believes that the individual should be forced to conform, by violence if necessary. The ends justify the means.

Sweden, in some respects, isn’t too different. We’re a collectivist country, and we’ve implemented a number of similar policies. Rape in Sweden is partly seen as the woman’s fault, though this isn’t often articulated outright except in a few well-noted instances. For instance, lawyer Tore Norberg told a rape witness that “Excuse me, but you do look like a whore” as an excuse for his client’s rape of the 18-year-old girl. We have a judge in the Swedish Supreme Court who has been sentenced for buying sex from a 20-year-old high school student after which his boss jokingly said that the judge now has “further knowledge of this area of justice“. It should be noted that the judge on numerous occasions has been involved in decisions to reduce the regulations for how severe rape penalties should be. Not surprising, really.

More disturbingly is the Swedish attitude that since everyone belongs to “society”, whatever that is, then everyone is partly to blame for a crime. This means that the victim is always partly to blame, so is the government, regular citizens, the schools, and to a lesser degree, the criminal himself. Since the criminal is only partly to blame, punishment is not seen as either a civilized response or an effective solution. We take every opportunity to increase the rights of criminals, yet virtually ignore the victim. This is particularly evident during rape trials. A while back a 13-year-old girl from the small Swedish city Motala was gang-raped by 4 Kurdish immigrants. Note that the Kurds are the same so-called civilization that spent half an hour collectively stoning a 17-year-old girl to death for having the wrong boyfriend. The Swedish girl was beaten and brutally raped for hours by the four savages. Their penalties? 8 months of prison for a 32-year old rapist. One month of youth care for a 16-year-old rapist. A 26-year-old and a 22-year-old were completely freed by a higher instance, and one of them received roughly $40,000 in compensation by the government for being “wrongfully” accused.

So what are my thoughts on all of this?

First, I think that the makers of the rape video game should be thrown in jail, ridiculed in the media, and their company shut down with all assets seized and given to rape charities.

Secondly, I think any and all attempts at spreading civilization through force or invasions in the Middle East are doomed to fail. The cultures there are still too primitive to understand anything such as women’s rights or individual rights. They are stuck in the dark ages, and no amount of carpet bombing or reconstruction money will change that.

Thirdly, I think it is evident that if four men are alone in an apartment with a gang-raped girl, then all are equally culpable. All should receive harsh penalties, minimum 15-20 years each. I also think they should thereafter be sent back to wherever they came from.

Fourthly, judges who commit serious crimes should automatically lose their jobs, and lawyers who make those kinds of remarks against girls (a young immigrant girl beaten by her family, randomly) should be fired.

Fifthly, I believe we need to grant asylum and support to girls and young women facing “honor violence” as well as genital mutilation, while denying entry to their abusive families.

Of course, if I mentioned any of these as potential policies to co-workers or fellow students in Sweden, I’d be marked as a violent, fascist, racist neanderthal with a complete lack of compassion and intelligence.

The correct policies, in Sweden, would be as follows.

1. Rape video games are evil and should be banned in Sweden, but they’re OK in Japan since it’s their “culture”.

2. Every culture is precious in its own way, and though different, equal. Free speech and individual rights don’t necessarily apply everywhere! As for invasions, they’re only bad if the US is involved. Because everything America does is evil.

3. It is better to free than convict! Heck, if you can’t prove which of the four did what in the rape, better to free them all. The rapists just need more support and welfare!

4. Why, we can’t just ruin someone’s career for being insensitive, can we? Instead, we must loudly condemn them from our moral high point, and then let them continue on with their jobs as normal when we are done.

5. In theory, all Swedes support this. In practice, we allow the immigration of entire families as a policy, as well as support the reestablishment of traditional hierachies in Sweden through welfare measures that encourage the women to stay at home, making it virtually impossible for them to break free and gain outside contacts. Our system creates a terrible trap for immigrant women even as we loudly denounce the very systems we fund.

In closing, in Sweden we have a frightening dichotomy between the public discourse and the public policy. We condemn rape, “honor” killings, and oppression of women, but we have the world’s most lenient punishments, we excuse savage practices because they’re “cultural”, and we fund the maintenance of oppressive hierarchies through our welfare system.

It allows everyone to sit around the coffee table nodding in agreement about the injustices, but ostracizes anyone who proclaims a desire to do anything about them. Sweden in a nutshell.


~ by Escaping Perdition on February 14, 2009.

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