A cross section of opinion articles

Sweden has two major tabloids, one liberal (Expressen) and one socialist (Aftonbladet). Note that in Sweden liberal means right wing, unlike in for instance America. A typical insult by socialists in Sweden is “tokliberal” which means, more or less literally, crazy liberal. It means that you’re too far to the right, though no doubt you’re still a few miles to the left of for instance presidents Obama and Carter.

Anyway. I decided, for the fun of it, to browse through the latest op-ed piece of each of Expressen’s columnists and see which, if any, had any genuinely center-right opinions or points. Ready? Here we go!

Anna Bäsen: We need better public health care in Sweden.

Staffan Erfors: IKEA is smart to help celebrate the Obama presidency by creating a replica of the Oval Office.

Cecilia Hagen: Lukas Moodysson’s latest movie, Mammut, was so heart-rending it made her cry. Mammut, randomly, is a critically panned socialist movie by an openly socialist director and writer.

Elisabet Höglund: Has realized that nuclear power might be good after all.

Katerina Janouch: Parents shouldn’t drink alcohol during Christmas.

Anders Jonsson: The Green Party is flirting with the “centre-right” Alliance for Sweden which currently rules to gain influence in its own coalition with the Social Democrats in the 2010 elections.

Mats Larsson: Since the Israeli voters went towards the Right, the whole country needs a new electoral system to avoid this.

Lars Lindström: Discusses if a gang member involved in a murder of a rival is guilty or not, without reaching any conclusion.

Liza Marklund: Defends her book detailing the abuse and terror suffered by a woman married to an abusive husband.

Ann-Charlotte Marteus: Thinks the prime minister should have gone to Sweden’s worst ghetto to decry racist statements by a few angry police officers.

Ulf Nilsson: Nuclear power protects us from socialist energy extremism and the influence of Russia.

Maria Näslund: The Minister of Employment is an idiot for public displays of affection on Facebook.

Karin Olsson: Women are better than men, and especially older women are better than older men.

Leif GW Persson: Capitalists are evil, and so are bonuses.

Britta Svensson: Sarah Palin versus Kirsten Gillibrand will be a great election battle in 2016.

Marie Söderqvist: Luxembourg helps families by lower taxes and traditional values.

So, all in all, we have two right-wing views (Nilsson & Söderqvist) out of ten, a few centrists, and the rest leftists. Better than I had expected, actually. Granted one could make the argument that a liberal newspaper should have only liberal columnists (remember that liberal in Sweden means right wing), but that doesn’t really apply in Sweden. It’s always an exception to the rule when even a liberal newspaper spouts liberal views, rather than socialist ones. I think tomorrow, or whenever the urge strikes me, I’m going to apply the same read-through of Aftonbladet’s columnists. Somehow I think that more than 20% of the socialist newspaper’s columnists have socialist opinions.

Odd thing, isn’t it?


~ by Escaping Perdition on February 14, 2009.

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